I can see your halo!

I rested yesterday, and it was goooood. I did, however, coach at CFD, and I joined the athletes for mobility, stretching, and cool down. There were close to a dozen athletes in both the 10 and 11am sessions, including Liz Lemon Amy Scott! I mistakenly thought the strength was 5 sets of 5 reps of push press when in fact is was to have only been 5 sets of a mere 3 reps. Lindsay, who attended the 11am session, was the first (and only) to point out the error of my ways. I sent an apology to Dave, for I feared that I messed up his programming. Again, I’m sorry, Dave!

Stupid Bowl.

I attended the 6am session at CFBC led by Josh. We began with an awesome mobility session, and Josh was kind enough to allow me to lead athletes through an additional 2 or so minutes of opening up the hips.

My mind was all over the place this morning, and I was easily distracted and became easily confused. And lightheaded.

Overhead Squats

We did 5 sets of 5 reps just a week ago; thus, I should’ve recalled what weights I lifted. I had it in mind that I had lifted 5 reps of 125# for my last set. Uhm, no, my last set was a mere 110#. I had in my mind that I should do 3 reps @ 130#. Huh? My current 1RM is only 135#.

I have realized that I cannot do an OHS without using a hook grip. Well, okay!

I completed sets @ 65, 85, 100, & 115#. I should’ve made 115# my goal for last set, but I instead put 130# on the bar and failed on the first rep. I decreased the weight to 125#, completed 1 very shaky rep, and called it a day. Josh asked, “Where’s the issue? Your hips? Your shoulders?” I pointed to my right temple and said, “Here.”

Josh spent much of his morning looking at my ass, you know, to ensure I was achieving proper depth.

Perspective: I completed 3 reps @ 85% of 1RM and 80% of bodyweight. I’ll take it.

3 rounds for time
15 OHS (95/65)
15 pull-ups

More overhead squats? Don’t mind if I do! I was convinced that I couldn’t successfully complete 45 reps @ 95#. Seventy-five pounds, then? “Josh,” I asked, “Should I attempt 80 or 75 pounds?” With no hesitation whatsoever Josh said, “Eighty pounds.” I put a 10, 5, and 2.5# plate on the ends of the bar, and carried the bar to the pull-up rig. It felt heavy. Ha!

The opposite of what I thought would happen happened this morning. Wanna know what? Read on.

Josh counted down with the clock, “Three, 2, 1, go!” I had determined that I would clean the bar, press it over my head, and jerk it from my back. No snatches for this man! I did just that – and then completed 15 unbroken OHS. Huh? Where did that come from? As I expected, I completed 15 unbroken pull-ups. Pull-ups shouldn’t be a challenge for me, right?

I felt agonizing pain in my wrists.

I once again cleaned, pressed, and jerked the bar overhead – and completed 15 unbroken OHS. How the hell did that happen? I completed pull-ups in reps of 6, 5, & 4. Uhm, shouldn’t I have done at least 10 unbroken? What was I doing wrong?

My first OHS of the last round was not below parallel, so I didn’t count it. I completed 8 good reps and dropped the bar.

Did I mention that I felt agonizing pain in my wrists?

I didn’t successfully complete the 9th rep, and once again didn’t count it. I was able to complete the remaining reps unbroken.

And then I fell apart. My wrists hurts, to I tried widening my grip for pull-ups. I completed a mere 4 reps before dropping from the bar. I did singles for the last 7 reps. Granted, I didn’t rest between reps, but damn, girl, it sure did slow me down!

My time was 5:57. Josh kindly placed “masters” beside my name and time. Overhead squats felt light. Huh? Pull-ups were difficult. Huh? Should I have gone heavier for OHS? Should I have? Well, should I have?

Beyonce’s performance was incredible. Don’t argue with me.

“Josh,” I said, “my wrists haven’t been this sore since puberty.”



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