Fight Gone Betterer

I know “betterer” isn’t a word.

I coached the 6am and attended the 7am session at CFBC. I made sure to ask athletes I coached if they had ever attempted Fight Gone Bad. Kirsten had, Tom had but had done so but alone (egad!), and Michelle and Jill had not.

It’s no secret that FGB isn’t one of my favorite benchmark WODs, as I’ve had disastrous results in the past. My highest score is 300, although I honestly thought I had consistently broken 300. Damn memory. You’d think that I’d keep better records, you know, like with a blog or something.

I made sure to review requirements for all 5 movements, and I also provided suggestions, e.g., rest against the wall with wall ball, well, on the wall. For push-press, try not to drop the bar, e.g., rest with the bar on shoulders, hanging, etc. Most importantly, pace yourself.

I failed to follow my own advice on most accounts.

I had the pleasure of working out with Jules, Alexis, Martin, Cameron, Chris, and Joe. Kirk led the 7am session, and asked me to do the warm up and cool down, which I’m always more than happy to do!

Martin is a Lululemon pimp. I’m going to visit after my 2pm meeting with financial planner.

Fight Gone Bad
1 minute wall ball shots, 20# wall ball, 10’ target
1 minute sumo dead-lift high pulls, 75#
1 minute box jumps, 20”
1 minute push press, 75#
Row for calories
1 minute rest between rounds

Instead of rehashing each round, I’ll summarize the entire workout.

This was much easier than in the past. I was expecting it to be far worse, and I took it far too easy. I paced myself, but my pace was, for the most part, too slow. I was hardly when all was said and done.

Wall ball shots went reasonably well, although I had about 4 or 5 missed shots that I didn’t count. I also dropped the ball once during the last round.

SDHPs were, for whatever reason, the easiest of the 5 activities. I did the first 2 rounds unbroken – and should’ve done the last round unbroken as well. Kirk praised me on a couple of occasions, so I hope my form was reasonably good. I did focus on pulling the bar up as – and not before – I extended my hips.

Box jumps went reasonably well, and I kept a steady pace for all rounds. In addition, I did all reps unbroken. Uhm, my pace may have been too slow, as I didn’t feel the least bit winded after the rounds. I did, however, feel very hot, as my box was positioned beneath the heater. I even contemplated taking off my shirt!

Push presses were the most difficult. I didn’t experience any pain in my left shoulder; I’m just weak! As I mentioned to anyone who would listen, 75# is a little more than half of my bodyweight. I didn’t complete any of the rounds unbroken, and usually dropped the bar 2 or 3 times. I did not, however, do any push jerks, and I’m very pleased that I focused on form.

I told myself to take it easy on the rowing, and that’s what I did, focusing on rowing a calorie per stroke. If memory serves me, I rowed about 12 calories each round.

This is the first time that I’ve kept a running score in my mind, and this may have been the most challenging part of the workout. For example, I completed 25 wall ball shots the first round, and when I began SDHP I started with “1”. After I completed 10 SDHPs, I counted the next rep as 36. I’m pretty sure I counted all rounds correctly.

My scores were 101, 102, and 92, for a total score of 295. The second round felt great. I should’ve gone out harder the first round, and I should’ve pushed harder the last round, particularly with box jumps and rowing.

I filed final zoning plans with town of Apex, met with architect, and have begun scheduling inspections. Fun times. Rogue pull-up rig, GHD machines, rings, climbing ropes, and C2 rowers will be delivered tomorrow. That’s the last of the equipment. The landlord will be demolishing wall tomorrow, and space will likely be painted early next week. Whew. So much still left to do!

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