Flaming Shoes

Josh O. led today’s session, and the focus was on the overhead squat. After warming up, we went straight to the work. (Joe, did you go straight to work?)

Overhead squat

I was anxious to see if all of the focus on overhead squatting was going to result in a new 1RM. I warmed up with the bar, and then did 5 or so reps @ 75, 85, & 105#. When I had just 85# on the bar I said, “Josh, this may very well be all that I do today.” He asked, “Just overhead squat 85 pounds?” “No,” I replied, “just establish one rep max and call it a day.” I did reps @ 115 & 125#, and, as usual, I recorded all reps. Uhm, my depth was questionable on both attempts at 115 & 125#, so I did another rep of each. Time was running out and Josh said, “You have time to get in just one more rep.” The last rep @ 125# was a mess in that not only did I not squat deeply enough, I also couldn’t seem to keep the bar locked out overhead. I was reluctant to attempt anything heavier. Josh said, “A failed attempt is at least an attempt.” I quickly decided to attempt 135#, what I thought was a new 1RM when in fact 135# is my current 1RM.

The lift felt much more solid than most of the previous lifts. Huh? I reviewed recording and ensured that I broke parallel. Should I have attempted 140#?

10-min AMRAP
30 double unders
15 power snatches, 75#

As I’ve struggled with double unders, I decided to use my heavier training rope for today’s metcon. I warmed up and was able to complete about 10 unbroken double unders. I thought, “Finally! I’ll be able to do a metcon with double unders.”

And then it all fell apart.

I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. I became so frustrated that I didn’t count any of the double unders I had completed and instead did 90 single unders. I stepped up to my bar, did a few power snatches, and then just stopped. I looked at Josh and said, “I’m done for the day.”

I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t frustrated. I know my limits. I. Was. Done. For. The. Day.

I sat down on a box and observed my fellow CFers. I then stripped the bar of 2, 5# plates and put them away. Jill, who was doing the metcon, said, “Did you hurt yourself? Are you okay?” Jill, you do indeed have a place in my heart, and it was very kind of you to ask about my well-being.

I grabbed a jump rope and it happened to be the correct length. I did a few single unders.

And then it all came together.

I did 30 unbroken double unders. I rested a moment and walked to the bar. As I had stripped 10#, I did about 10 or so 65# power snatches. And my form was much improved.

I did another few rounds of 30 unbroken double unders. I practiced power snatches. Josh observed my uncanny ability to complete double unders by turning only my right wrist. He looked shocked. Ha!

So, instead of feeling defeated, I felt elated!

I’m an eternal optimist.

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