Prancing Twinkle Toes

“That was awfuuuuuuuuuuly wonderful!” Truer words, stated by yours truly, have never been spoken.

Kirk led today’s session, and it was, well, awfully wonderful.

Kirk first led us through a meaningful mobility session. It appears that he watched me warm up prior to the session and did the same or similar activities. Ha! Great minds think alike.

Kirk demonstrated GHD back extensions and went over form expectations for thrusters and Abmat sit-ups. He then said, “Your goal should be to do all activities unbroken, including the thrusters.” I scoffed at him. He said, “Take your time with the thrusters. It may be the sticking point for some of you.” Indeed.

4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
20 thrusters, 95#
10 GHD back extensions
20 Abmat sit-ups

I had considered doing GHD sit-ups, but as there were 7 in attendance and 4 GHD machines, I didn’t want to be “that guy”. In retrospect, I’m glad that I completed Abmat sit-ups.

Uhm, I can’t recall the last time I did 95# thrusters, let alone 80 reps. I warmed up with the bar, and then put 2, 10# plates on the bar and did 5 or so reps @ 65#. Kirk noticed that I had 2 more 10# plates at the ready.  He asked, “Are you going to use 85 pounds for thrusters?” “No,” I replied, “I’m going to begin with 95 pounds but drop weight if I need to.” I’m smart like that. I completed 5 or so reps @ 85 and then, after adding 2, 5# plates, 5 or so reps @ 95#. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done so many reps before I was about to do 80 more?

All rounds of Abmat sit-ups were done unbroken, and as I mentioned to Cassie (who attended the 7am session), I thought of her for each and every rep. She recently accused me of cheating on my reps, as I merely touched my toes and didn’t ensure that my shoulders were in front of me knees. I did ensure that my shoulders were well above my knees, Cassie, and I just about kissed the floor in front of me each and every rep. Are you happy now? Are you? Well, are you? Hugs!

GHD back extensions were also done unbroken, and that should come as no surprise.

Yup, I ran all rounds of 400m without stopping. Running, however, became quite a struggle as my legs felt like jelly after doing so many damn thrusters. My lower back also began to hurt, most likely due to back extensions and kissing the floor when I did sit-ups. I blame Cassie. Are you happy now, Cassie? Are you, are you, are you? Hugs!

Notice that I’ve saved discussing thrusters for last. Even though Kirk had sent the WODs to the coaches earlier in the week and had posted the WOD last night, I had in my mind that there were only 10 and not 20 reps of thrusters. Oh, if only.

Before I talk about thrusters, I’d like to share how full of self-doubt I was this morning. I was convinced that I’d have to lower the weight for thrusters. During the third 400m run I seriously considered not even doing the last round. I kept thinking, “I wish this was the last round. I don’t know that I can do 40 more thrusters. I’m weak. But at least I’m not fat like a certain someone. If his Lululemon shorts could talk, well, they’d scream.”

As I mentioned to Michelle, I planned on completing thrusters in sets of 5. I completed the first round in reps of 10, 5, & 5. Not too horribly bad. I completed the second round in reps of 5. Still not too horribly bad. I completed the third set in reps of 10, 10, 3, 3, 2, & 2. And I was still somewhat pleased with myself. Yes, I cleaned the bar 6 times – but I cleaned the bar without experiencing pain and/or allowing myself to take off the 5# plates. Yeah!

The last round was the most interesting. I completed 7 reps. Wow! I completed the remaining thrusters in reps of 3, 3, & 3, and with only 4 reps remaining I thought, “Don’t put down the bar. Do the last 4 reps unbroken.” Kirk was observing and encouraging me, and for that I am appreciative. I completed the 17th, 18th, and 19th reps – but wasn’t able to lock out the bar overhead for the last damn rep. I said to Kirk, “That was the last rep, and I didn’t get it. I’m going to redo it.” I just wanted him to know that I knew it wasn’t a good rep.

I completed the workout in 21:52. While I’m sure it won’t be the fastest posted time of the day, I’m quite proud of myself. I don’t know that I’ve ever done 80, 95# thrusters on any given day.

As we were cooling down, Mike said, “You took off running and prancing.” Ha! Kirsten then added, “Yes, I could hear twinkle toes catching me during the last run.” Ha, ha!

As we were cooling down I asked, “Did your legs feel like jelly when you ran after doing thrusters? Did your back hurt as well? Did you want the third round to be the last round?” When most everyone said yes to all questions, I said, “What a bunch of whiners.” Ha, ha, ha!

“Kirk,” I said, “I want you to know that even if you hadn’t been watching me, I knew that last rep didn’t count. I would’ve redone it regardless of whether or not you were there.” He replied, “I know that. I never question your integrity.” Thanks, Kirk!

Beer for Luke. He's a big boy now!
Beer for Luke. He’s a big boy now!