I was feeling a wee bit run down this morning. Zac, Meg, & Luke did not want me to sleep past 4:15. We bathed Luke last night, so he was particularly fluffy and delightful-smelling this morning; thus, I didn’t mind snuggling with him for a few moments before getting out of bed.

I arrived at CFBC at 5:45 to find Nikki had already written the WOD on the board and was ready to go!

We warmed up by rowing 500m and then doing some dynamic stretching. The rowing felt painful, and I couldn’t help beginning to dread the upcoming 500m row.

Push Press


In other words, we were to establish new push press 1RM maximum. I set my goal to push press without pain. I’m delighted to say that I accomplished my goal! I lifted reps of between 3 & 5 @ 95, 105, & 115#, and then lifted singles @ 125, 135, and 145#. Ten pounds shorts of 1RM, but certainly an accomplishment in and of itself.

Lifting one’s bodyweight over one’s head causes one’s brain inside of said head to play all kinds of, well, mind games. Today was no exception.

Yes, I did somewhat struggle with 145#, but Nikki yelled at me and reminded me to put my head through the window. Thanks, Nikki!

Cash in row 500m
Chest to bar pull-ups
Burpee box jumps, 24” 30”

As I was warming up, Nikki asked me to demonstrate. She said, “Paul is using a 30″ box because he’s an overachiever.” I replied, “It’s not because I’m compensating. Rest assured.”

As I mentioned, I was dreading rowing. Given that I often focus on keeping strokes/minute low, I set my goal today to keep s/m above 30. I averaged 31, and rowed 500m in 1:48. Rowing, for whatever reason, felt wonderful. Nonetheless, I was winded as I got off of the rower to being chest to bar pull-ups.

I did all rounds of pull-ups in between 9 (first rounds) and single (last round) reps.

Burpees, you say? I love burpees in any shape, form, and/or manner. I challenged myself by increasing box jump height to 30”. While I’m glad that I did so, let me unequivocally state that the burpee box jumps were taxing. I did miss 1 jump.

I called time at 6:40. Not as spectacular as Daryl’s push presses by any means.

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