Burpees? Box Jumps? Ok!

I worked out at CFD before coaching the 10 and 11am sessions. I’m going to miss the CFDers, and I hope they will all visit me at CFS.

I warmed up with shoulder and wrists stretches, walking down-dog, and mountain climbers and grasshoppers; the same warm up I later led.

Split jerk

Today was all about form. I started light, added a mere 5# each set, and (of course) recorded all sets. I changed the camera angle to view from left, right, front, and back. I lifted sets @70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, & 100#. I no longer step back with my left foot on the dip. Good. I take my time with the dip. Good. I land with back, left ankle and front, right ankle turned out. Good. I drop deeply under the bar. Good. I need to continue to lunge longer with my front, right leg, as my knee is slightly in front of my ankle. Dammit, I’m not perfect after all. Yet.

7-min AMRAP
6-count burpee box jumps, 32”

This was a tremendous amount of fun! Burpees were as strict as they could possibly be, i.e., I paused for a moment at each count. One: jump from top of box and squat and place hands on floor. Two: kick feet back and land in plank with tight and amazingly sculpted abs and ass. Three: drop chesticles and cheek to floor. Four: pushup to plank and again marvel at amazing tight abs and ass. Five: Jump feet to hands. Six: jump and land on box.

I had a stack of 5 poker chips, and I would move one poker chip when I completed 5 reps. I did, however, have to shout the number out loud to keep track.

I completed 44 reps. The added 2”, as I usually jump 30”, added just that little bit of extra challenge that I needed.

Many of the 10amers had arrived as I was putting away my equipment. I said, “I’ll go around the corner to change into my CrossFit Surmount shirt, as I don’t want any of the men to feel inferior.” I’m just that nice.

Today’s skill at CFD was practicing double unders. I made sure to play my “Jump” playlist, and Chad (Holla!) enjoyed the songs – and dancing – more than anyone else. No surprise there.

I can’t recall the last time I spent that much time just focusing on double unders. I truly enjoyed doing so, and I hope all of your who attended enjoyed as well.

The conditioning was an AFAP of 30 reps of GHD sit-ups, ring dips, toes to bar, double unders, and OHS. If I hadn’t done a chipper yesterday, I most certainly would’ve completed this metcon. I challenged athletes to do as many of the activities unbroken as they possibly could, and that the metcon should be fast, fast, fast. Many, but not all, listened to my guidance. What I liked so much about this metcon (and Jeff agrees) is that it showed strengths and weaknesses. For example, most athletes are unable to string together toes to bar. (A quick shout out to Henry who was able to do so during the metcon with a little bit of coaching that I provided as he was briefly resting.) The next most difficult activity for athletes was ring dips. I had to constantly remind people to use full range of motion. Delts below elbows.

A couple of athletes scaled up for OHS, including Brock and Chad. Many scaled down, and were smart to do so.

Einar, I had to call no rep on your 29th OHS. Make sure you break parallel, with crease of shorts below knees. Henry, I applaud you for completing the metcon Rx. I want to have a conversation with you about whether this was the wisest choice. (Hint: it wasn’t.) You should really friend me on Facebook. Rosa’s my friend.

We came home, got Luke, and went to CFS to meet our friends Paul and Heather, as Paul made parallettes and a plate rack for me. Thanks, Paul; very nice craftsmanship. I still like Heather much more than I like you. Much, much more. Michael Kelley also visited because he’s nosy and a somewhat good friend who’s not at all fat and wanted to help. We had been there just a moment when Steve, who I knew was coming to pick up a tee shirt, and 3 other folks arrived to see the space! Location, location, location. I spackled the walls in preparation for painting.

Yes, you’re welcome to stop by tomorrow and help paint.

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