Two dolla and 5 cent

I finished Ken Burns’ “The War” and began Ken Burn’s “National Parks”. It wasn’t until last night, when I went to my Lululemon gym bag to retrieve my iPad, that I realized that I left my iPad at CFD. Gah! I quickly posted a message to CFD Coaches page on Facebook, and Alison let me know that I had indeed left it on a box at, well, the box. I considered working out at CFBC and then driving to CFD, but then thought, “Why not kill two birds with one stone.” The strength at CFBC was also back squats and the metcon looked just as grueling.

Uhm, things have changed since I was a regular 6amer in that it was so very, very, very quiet. I was the first to arrive, and I made sure to greet everyone. I felt almost guilty for being energetic, so I reined in my enthusiasm. I used the quiet time to stretch and work on mobility, and I’m glad that I did, as the session didn’t include mobility.

Rachel led today’s session. We warmed up with 2 rounds of 500m row, 15 air squats, and 10 pushups.

Back Squat

I will admit that I didn’t thoroughly review the instructions, namely to do singles at 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%. I warmed up and did reps at 135, 165, 185, & 205 and failed at 215#. I honestly didn’t much care for attempting a second time, as 205 is 87% of 1RM.

I honestly tried to mind my own damn business, but I couldn’t help noticing that Brian, who was working out to my right, wasn’t squatting below parallel. I recorded one of his back squats to show him, and he agreed with my assessment.

7 rounds for time
7 push jerks (155/105)
7 chest to bar pull-ups
7 burpees

Okay, so I did split jerks just yesterday, so there was no way in hell that I was going to do 49 even remotely heavy lifts. I instead focused on making this a fast metcon, and I set my goal to do all rounds unbroken. I settled on 95#. In retrospect I coulda shoulda push jerked 105 or even 115. Better safe than sorry!

Even push jerking just 95# was nonetheless a challenge. I did complete all rounds of push jerks unbroken, and mixed things up as well. For example, for the first round I intentionally did not receive the bar and instead slowly lowered it to my shoulders. I received the bar for remaining rounds. For the third round I focused on using the dip when receiving as the first dip of the push jerk. This became quite exhausting – so it’s the last time I did that! I split jerked for the last round. And it was good.

I did the first 5 rounds of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken. For the sixth set I paused at the bottom of the bar before the last rep, and for the last set I paused at the bottom of the bar for the last 2 reps. The most challenging part of the chest to bar pull-ups was jumping to the bar, as I mistakenly chose one of the highest pull-up bars.

I love burpees. Even though I did burpee box jumps yesterday, I still enjoyed each and every of today’s burpees.

I jokingly said, “I’m not enjoying this” after the second round, and I said, “I’m still not enjoying this” a few more times. Just trying to keep things light, folks!

I completed the metcon in 11:20.

I spent 11 hours at CFS painting, and the lobby, hallway, and 3/4 of the workout room. That’s about 2K square feet, folks! I also spoke with the architect, and I’ll have the plans tomorrow to give to the Town of Apex. The architect assured me that there would still be more than enough time to open as scheduled on March 1. That’s just a week from Friday! I’ll be finishing the painting tomorrow, and will begin and possibly finish putting down the flooring as well. The landlord has to install additional lighting and do a few minor repairs. I’m so very, very excited!

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