I’m glad I’m not a betting man.

(Counter-clockwise from lower, left corner) Me! Alexis! And Joe.

I coached the 6am and attended the 7am session at CFBC. Anna, Jill, Tom, Mike, and Daryl attended the 6am session, and all kicked ass. To prepare for the upcoming CrossFit Open, Kirk has been scheduling previous open WODs. Due to an injury, I was unable to complete this particular WOD last year, although I certainly remember it!

Before I talk about my own performance, let me say what a pleasure it is coaching CFBCers. Today was no exception. I most enjoyed “encouraging” the rivalry between Anna and Jill, who started out neck and neck. It was Jill’s awesomeness at toes to bar that led to her eventual victory. Congratulations, Jill! Daryl, Tom, and Mike all did presses Rx.

I did not. I had no intention of even attempting. I’ve done enough damn shoulder to overhead in the past week that I wasn’t the least bit interested in doing so today.

18-minute AMRAP
15 box jumps, 24” 30”
12 push presses
9 toes to bar

Josh led the 7am session, and I had the pleasure of working out with Alexis! And Joe. As I didn’t do push presses (presses, push jerk, and split jerks were also allowed) Rx, I increased the height of the box jumps. This may not have been a very good decision.
My one and only goal was to not break push presses into more than 2 sets. That’s it. No goal for unbroken box jumps or toes to bar.

When I coach at 6 and then work out at 7, I become exceedingly hungry when 7 o’clock rolls round as that’s the time when I usually break my nightly fast. I was excruciatingly hungry this morning, and my stomach growled throughout the 18 minutes.

I completed the first round of push presses unbroken, and the remaining rounds in reps of 6 & 6 or 7 & 5. Oh, wait, the last round I completed in 8 & 4.

I missed a box jump and scraped my left shin. Earlier in the morning I had said to the 6amers, “Get over your fear of missing a jump and scraping your shins. It’ll happen.” And damn it, it did. To me.

I didn’t fully open my hips on the first toes to bar and didn’t count that rep. Again, it wouldn’t have mattered if Josh had or hadn’t been looking at my ass performance, I wouldn’t have counted the rep. I did quite a few rounds of toes to bar unbroken, but by the last round was only stringing together 2 or 3 at a time a the most.

I completed 6 rounds + 13 box jumps. Alexis crushed me. Joe crushed us both. I still like Alexis much more than I like Joe. You should, too.

Alexis wore matching clothing today! Will wonders never cease?

I showered, and as I was dressing my women’s intuition said, “Jules needs a hug.” So I hugged her. Alexis liked the way I smelled and asked for a hug. So I hugged her, too. Nadia got very, very jealous and also requested a hug, so I hugged her as well. aI hugged three beautiful women in less than a minute. And that’s not even a PR!

I said to Josh, “Kirk, are you going to take pictures of this session, too?” Josh replied, “My name’s not Kirk, it’s Josh. Do I look like a short blonde?” To which I replied, “You do when I imagine us together.”

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