Jeff & Paul @ CFS!

Two consecutive days of rest? Why, yes, if by rest you mean cleaning, painting, drilling holes through metal, and helping install a pull-up rig.

CrossFit Surmount is nearing completion. The landlord has to install additional and raise existing lighting, install water fountains (and shower shortly after opening), address a few minor issues, e.g., small leak in roof, etc. I am so excited that I could hardly sleep last night. That hasn’t happened since adolescence, specifically the night before the first day of school. (Yes, I loved attending school. Yes, I was the teacher’s pet.)

A heartfelt thanks to Larry, Cheri, Mark, Angie, and Jeff for the many hours they spent helping install the pull-up rig this past Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, that pull-up rig is sturdy.

I coached my very last Sunday sessions at CFD. It was quite a bittersweet morning.

You always remember your first, and CFD was indeed my first CrossFit, my first coaching experience, and my first endurance coaching experience. I made many friends during the past 3 years while working out and coaching at CFD, among them most notably Dave Rubin, owner and proprietor of CFD. As I’ve repeatedly mentioned, Dave has been extremely helpful and has provided much useful guidance and support in my CFS endeavor. Dave, I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to our continued successful professional – and personal – relationship. You. Are. Awesome.

As usual, many athletes attended both sessions, among them Amy Scott (Amy Scott!), Rona, Einar, Rosa, Henry, Kate, Chad, Michelle, and Craig. (Don’t feel bad if you weren’t mentioned. I have a horrible memory.) The strength was the jerk and the conditioning was “Helen”, one of my favorite benchmark WODs. Hell, I enjoy any WOD that includes running.

I stopped by briefly at home to pick up Luke, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at CFS. I was finally able to paint the last section of wall in the large workout area. As I was doing so, who should appear but Michael Kelley at Britt? I was happy to see Britt. Michael Kelley immediately began attempting bar muscle-ups on the Speal bar. I said, “Are you here to play or here to help?” “Help,” he said. So I asked him to recycle the cardboard boxes and dispose of the garbage. And he did. I hate him less so for doing so. He also helped place the last of the floor mats. If I had known it was so much easier to do as a 2-person job, I wouldn’t have placed a single mat. Thank you, Michael Kelley. You may workout at CFS whenever you like by invitation only with a $15 drop-in fee.

Jeff asked me to program a metcon, and I was delighted to do so.

3 rounds for time
20 box jumps, 24”
15 toes to bar
10 ring dips
50/30 double unders (P/J)

I had originally programmed 30 reps of each activity, but Jeff (understandably so) talked me out of it. We were both already quite exhausted by the time we started the WOD at 5:30.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I did not achieve this goal.

I did complete box jumps and ring dips unbroken, as well as the first round of toes to bar. (Toes to bar were done as an homage to Michael Kelley, as he programs T2B far too frequently. Ring dips were done because Michael Kelley seldom programs rings dips because he’s fat.) I was well on my way to completing the first round of dus unbroken, but my rope hit the pull-up rig on the 38th rep. I know, I know; Jeff and I were the only two in the box, but I haven’t yet developed my sense of spatial awareness. I completed the second rounds in reps of 37 and 13, and the last round unbroken. Yes, unbroken! My time was 9 minutes.

Luke likes to help paint!
Luke likes to help paint!
Jeff post-WOD.
Jeff post-WOD.
Toes to bar, bitches.
Toes to bar, bitches.
Speal bar.
Speal bar.
CFDers. I'll miss almost all of you!
CFDers. I’ll miss almost all of you!

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