6-count burpees galore

I know quite a few people who do not enjoy working out alone. One person in particular comes to mind. Can you think whom I’m referring to? I’ll give you a hint: he’s fat.

I, on the other hand, quite enjoy working out all by myself. I can go at my own pace and rest as long or as little as necessary, I can play the music (selections from “Glee”) as loudly as I like, and I don’t have to worry about stumbling over others during the metcon.

I also like having 2K sq. ft. to myself.

I painted the bathrooms and the inner hallway this morning. I’m kinda sorta sick of painting, but I still have the doors and trim to paint.

Sets began @ 60% and increased in 5% increments to 80%; thus I dead-lifted 3 reps @ 215, 235, 250, 270, & 290#. I did not drop the last rep. Just so you know. Lifts felt very good today, although 290# began to feel a wee bit heavy.

6-min AMRAP
Dead-lift, 185#
6-count burpee
6 lateral jumps over barbell
Rest 2 minutes
6-min AMRAP
6-count burpee muscle-up
6 jumps over bench
Rest 2 minutes
6-min AMRAP
6-count burpee with 45# plate press
6 lateral jumps over barbell

I call this one The Sixes. Uhm, you might say that I programmed to my strengths, but that’d only be partially true. I do love burpees, and 6- even more so than 3-count burpees. I haven’t done muscle-ups in as long as I can remember. I very much dislike plate presses. I enjoy lateral jumps over the barbell, but this is the first time I’ve included jumps over the bench in a workout. While challenging, I did enjoy.

I had originally planned on a 3-minute rest, but that seemed excessive. My goal, of course, was to do all reps unbroken. I missed 1 muscle-up and my foot touched the bench during 1 jump. Dammit. I completed:

18 rounds + 1 dl
10 rounds even
18 rounds + 1 burpee

That’s a total of 19 dead-lifts, 10 muscle-ups, 18 plate presses, & 47 burpees. Good times!

We might have to do this one when CFS opens. Yup, still hoping for Friday!

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