Luke. I must get him a "Coach" cap.
Luke. I must get him a “Coach” cap.

Another exhausting, fulfilling day!

Today’s metcon was a true chipper.

AFAP – 40-min time cap
OHS – bodyweight x 20
C&J – bodyweight x 20
200 double unders
100 med ball sit-ups, 20#
100 ring dips
100 pull-ups
Row 1K
Run 50m (5, 10m shuttle sprints) every 5 minutes
I went forth and back about what weight to use for OHS and C&J. I briefly considered going 10# heavier for C&J than OHS, but thought it might be a waste of time to put on and take off barbell plates, so I decided to use the same weight for both (from the flo’) lifts. I did, however, underestimate my strength, and I settled on only using 75#. This meant that I had to complete 39 reps of both lifts, i.e., 145 x 20 = 2900 and 2900/75 = 38.6. I figured that since I only had to do 5 more reps of both OHS and C&J than if I had used 85# that this was a wise decision. I’d lift 85# – or even more – if I did this metcon again.

I began with a 250m row, as I knew this would be a good way to ease into things. In all honesty, I can’t remember much of what transpired for the next 35 or so minutes, as my only strategy was to not go to failure for any activity.

Abmat sit-ups, even while holding 20# med ball, were a welcome relief. I completed in sets of 10 to 20 reps. I completed all sets of ring dips and pull-ups in reps of 10 until there was just 2 minutes remaining, and I did both activities in sets of 5, moving from rings to pull-ups to rings to pull-ups.

I found OHS less challenging than C&J. Huh? I completed OHS in reps of 10 with 9 for last set, obviously. I power snatched the bar overhead for the first set, but cleaned, pressed overhead to back, and jerked it overhead for remaining sets. I completed C&J in reps of 5 until last set of 4.

Double unders went very well today, and I completed as many as 60 unbroken. In fact, double unders were the first activity I completed, followed by OHS, sit-ups, and C&J.

Uhm, notice that I didn’t list ring dips, pull-ups, or rowing, as I was unable to complete reps or distance within time cap, completing 90 rings dips and pull-ups and rowing 750m.

Running 50m every 5 minutes, while much fun, perhaps prohibited me from completing remaining activities within 40 minutes. Or perhaps not.

I could’ve easily completed 10 more ring dips and pull-ups and rowed a 250m, but stuck to what I had programmed. It was a grueling workout nonetheless.

Luke coached me. This consisted of running all shuttle runs with me. This also meant that I had to hold his pull-toy and play tug of war during all shuttle runs. Luke also made sure to provide encouragement through kisses as I sat-up (with shoulders past hips, Cassie). I enjoyed every moment.

Oh, he also very much wanted to chew on the small cones used to mark the start and finish of the 10m shuttle runs. He’s good at being bad.

Jeff helped with many of the remaining tasks at CFS. We painted 10’ and 9’ wall ball lines, door to workout area, and board for hanging bands and jump ropes. We installed hooks for bands and ropes and hung paper towel holders in bathrooms. Luke once again helped!

The paint color is "Flame".
The paint color is “Flame”.

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