Hurry up and wait. That’s exactly what I feel like I’m doing. I can hardly wait to officially open CFS!

Jeff may or may not be resting today, so I worked out on my own. And I very much enjoy doing so. (I’m talking to you, Michael Kelley.)

As the box warmed I warmed up while listening to Frou Frou playlist on Pandora.

I practiced handstand holds and quickly realized that I haven’t been doing so nearly enough. I was only able to hold for 53 seconds. Huh?

“Bear Complex” x 2

I am going back to basics, and am focusing on form, form, and form. Thus, I didn’t focus on how heavy I could go with weight. I did, however, increase the intensity by completing 7 rounds of 2 reps instead of the requisite 1 rep; thus, I completed a power clean, front squat, push press (resting bar on back of neck and shoulders), back squat, and push press, finishing with bar resting on front of shoulders. Then, without releasing hands from the bar, I lowered the bar first to mid-thigh and then to the floor and did the sequence once again. That was one round, and I completed 7 rounds @ 75, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110#. The second sequence of each round was, well, much more difficult than the first sequence.

Yes, I recorded all rounds. Yes, I reviewed all rounds immediately after completing. Yes, I made corrections to form. Yes, I marveled at my own shapely ass.

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1
Med ball cleans, 20#
Dumbbell push presses, 30#

This was quite fun and just a wee bit challenging. I completed all rounds unbroken in a time of 8:56.

CFS is beginning to feel very much like home, and it’s as if the box has been ready to go for much more than just a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to look back a year or more from this very moment.

Hurry up, inspectors! I mean it.

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