Uhm, yeah, so I knew going into this what my score would be: 100. Self-fulfilling prophecy? No. An accurate sense of self and limitations? Yes.

I began my day by judging the lovely and talented Amanda, who, like Tyler yesterday, wanted a second attempt at 13.1 The as-lovely Rosa joined her, although Rosa has not entered the Games. She should.

Burpees are perhaps my favorite activity. Three-count, 6-count, burpee box jumps, burpee pull-ups – you name a burpee and I’ll love it.

Snatches are my least favorite activity. [Insert homophobic comment here.] I’ve been focusing on improving form, and I have indeed improved leaps and bounds. Nonetheless, I still can’t snatch heavy weights.

I must still be a runner at heart, for every time I see“13.1” I think half marathon.

The CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1
17-minute AMRAP
40 burpees to 6” target above fully extended hand
30 snatches, 75#
30 burpees
30 snatches, 135#

… more burpees and snatches

I used one of the pull-up bars as a target, having ensured that it was 6” above the reach of my hand. I touched the bar underhanded with left- and overhanded with right-hand.

As I knew I wouldn’t – since I can’t – snatch 135#, I set my goal to complete all reps unbroken, and that’s exactly what I did.

Jeff was my judge. I completed 40 burpees and 30, 75# snatches in 5:56, and completed WOD with 30 additional burpees in a time of 7:59. Thus, I had 9 minutes left to work. Ha!

If my memory serves me, I completed 40 burpees in 3 minutes.

It’s my blog so I can say whatever the hell I want. Remember?

As I mentioned, I judged Tyler and Amanda during their second attempts at 13.1. I know many folks who have made 2 or more attempts at this and previous open WODs, including my very good friend, Kelly. And I’m fine with that – for them, but not for me. I have very strong thoughts/feelings regarding why I will only ever make one attempt at an open WOD.

1. When the 2013 Regional and National Games are held, not only will the athletes have only 1 attempt at a WOD, they are also very unlikely to know what the WOD is until just before completing. Imagine what would happen if athletes had 4 days to attempt the WODs as many times as they wanted to, recording only their best attempt. The same is true at local and regional competitions, including the Carolina Fitness Challenge and the Garage Games.
2. CrossFit, by definition, is supposed to be constantly varied. Doing the same WOD within a short timeframe is anything but varied.
3. Perhaps most importantly, doing the same, often grueling, WODs may – and often does – lead to overuse injuries.
4. I know this is going to sound harsh, but an overwhelming number of people who complete the WOD more than once are unlikely to advance to Regionals.

I know, I know… it’s interesting to see how one ranks against friends and strangers. For me – and I only speak for myself – 1 attempt at a WOD is all that I will ever take.

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