Push, pull, crack

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My day began with a visit to Brennan Chiropractic, and what a visit it was! X-rays, photos, scans, consultation, and an adjustment. According to Alex Brennan, DC, the news was “mostly good”. My yearlong rehabilitation began today! Yup, I’ll be blogging about my visits.

I must admit that I truly enjoy having my neck cracked. I was surprised to discover that I favor the right side of my body, as with most things I’m left-side dominant.

The Town of Apex if really starting to piss me off. So much so that I ended that last sentence with a preposition. CrossFit boxes are not globo gyms, FYI.

It takes me more than 1 hour to mop the floor in the workout area.

I worked out solo and once again programmed my own WOD. I’m trying to challenge myself. I most certainly did so today.

6 rounds for time:
5 chest to bar pull-ups
7 shoulder to overhead, 95#
9 sumo deadlifts, 185#
11 ring dips

A very good combination of pulling and pushing activities, if I do so say myself.

My goals were to complete all rounds unbroken and to finish in less than 15 minutes. While it was a struggle, I did achieve both goals.

I completed most S2O as push press and some as push jerk. Ninety-five pounds begins to feel heavy after about the 5th rep.

I haven’t done SDL in quite some time, and I could tell. I had to remind myself to push my knees out so at to avoid lifting with my back. During the 5th round my hands began to slip, and I reminded myself to use mixed grip the last round. And then forgot to do so.

Why is it that the 11th rep is so much harder than the 10th? I had planned on doing strict rings dips, but kipped the last rep of the last 2 rounds.

I was ecstatic when the metcon was done. I called “Time” even though I was the only person present. 14:02. I’ll take it.

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