Ten minutes.

580484_10151353581707196_1293452055_nThis close to opening. Yes, just this close. Three “panic” doors need to be installed and part of hallway needs to be widened slightly. While it’s very unlikely this will take place tomorrow, everything should be good to go by early next week. I. Cannot. Wait.

I’m anxious to try 13.2. Jeff will be running the Wilmington Half Marathon this weekend, so he will be unable to judge me. I asked my former BFF is he could spare a mere 10 minutes to act as my judge, and he said he wouldn’t be able to do so until Sunday. Ten minutes, that’s all that I asked him for. Sigh.

I did once again judge Tyler, and he crushed it. I most fear the shoulder to overhead, as 115# is heavy. Maybe not to you, but certainly to me.

On a related topic, any of my Level 1 certified friends who would be willing to act as my judge tomorrow or Saturday? I really don’t want to have to wait until Sunday.

I was somewhat rushed today, as I wasn’t able to pick up the architect drawings until after 3 and had to allow time to travel to CFBC to coach endurance, so I only worked on conditioning. I programmed this on the fly, and it was (a word I use far too frequently) challenging.

18-minute AMRAP
5 forward rolls
25 double unders
10 strict deficit pushups (hands of 45# plates) with 1-count pause at bottom
5 pull-ups

Two things made this particularly challenging. First, Luke, having never seen me roll, thought I was playing, and each and every time I rolled he got all up in my business. And that’s okay, because he’s Daddy’s precious angel sent from heaven. Second, jumping rope while still somewhat dizzy wreaked havoc on my sense of equilibrium.

I completed everything but the first 2 rounds of dus unbroken. Once I remembered to pause a moment before beginning to jump, it was quite easy to do 25 unbroken dus. I’ll try to remember that for the next time.

I completed 10 rounds + 5 forward rolls & 25 double unders. That’s 55 forward rolls, 275 dus, 100 pushups, and 50 pull-ups. I was a sweaty, happy mess.

I coached the Endurance WOD at CFBC, and was somewhat disappointed that only 4 athletes, all males, attended. Did I scare folks away? Are folks focused more on the CF Games? Were runners afraid of a “Native American” run?

Yes, after spending time on mobility and drills, the 5 of us, myself, Greg, Adam, Rob, and – damn it, I can’t remember his name. It’s one syllable. His girlfriend’s name is Stephanie. He’s a soccer player. Help me out here, folks! Anyhow, the five of us did indeed complete an Indian run. Greg was the last person standing, other than myself, of course. I crushed them all. Ha! Greg and I ran 3.2 miles. I rounded down to a 5K. Nice work, all!

Jeff and I had dinner with our very good friends Jay, Mary-Ann, and my new BFF, Jacob.

2 thoughts on “Ten minutes.

  1. Good work and Oh what fun I will have handing your butt to you on a run. Mr. Toes to Bar. arrggghhh

  2. Soccer player = Reid (sp? Reed? Read?)…I think!

    I’m loving the endurance WODs btw! Although I’m out of commission from a cold at the moment, so I may have to miss tomorrow 😦

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