Burpee toes to bar? Huh?

17c 17b 17a

I took Luke for an early-morning walk, and then we spent the rest of the morning at CFS. And what a fun time we had! As CFS is not yet open for business, I’ve been inviting friends to the box to visit and test-drive the equipment. The entire de Leon family as well as Rosa and Henry visited today!

Strict Ring Dips
OTM for 15 minutes
5 rings dips for first 10 minutes
10 rings dips for remaining 5 ring dips

I love ring dips – even if the Rogue strap scrapes the hair off of my lower arms. I almost didn’t complete the very last rep. One hundred pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, and air squats yesterday and 100 ring dips today. It’s no wonder that I have abs of titanium.

By the way, I care naught for March Madness.

EMOTM for 16 minutes
Odd-numbered minutes
3 burpee box jumps, 30”
3 burpee strict toes to bar
Even-numbered minutes
5 dead-lifts, 225#
10 lateral barbell jump overs

This was incredibly fun! Yes, fun!

To challenge myself I jumped to the top of the box from wherever my feet landed on the burpee count of 2. I also placed my hands directly outside of where my feet landed when I jumped off of the box and immediately kicked feet back to plank as I lowered chest to floor. Again, as an added challenge I made sure that I didn’t swing my body after completing burpee and jumping to pull-up bar; thus toes to bar were strict. I completed all rounds of burpee box jumps and burpee toes to bar in less than 30 seconds.

Uhm, 225# feels heavy on a good day. I did complete all rounds unbroken and immediately completed lateral jumps. I completed all rounds of dead-lifts and jump overs in less than 20 seconds.

Even though I had more than enough time to rest and recover, I still found the metcon to be challenging. And a tremendous amount of fun! Did I already mention that?

I didn’t drink a beer yesterday. I might have to consume two beers today.

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