Strength AND Conditioning

Luke wants to know why I have no hair on my mid-thighs.
Luke wants to know why I have no hair on my mid-thighs.

Luke and I worked out together at 8am this morning. Sometimes he focuses too much on support and not enough on direction. For example, while I’m doing Abmat sit-ups he kisses my face when he should be reminding me to ensure that my shoulders are in front of my hips. He’s nonetheless a good boy!

I’ve been having much fun programming. Current and future CFS members, get ready to improve your levels of fitness, strength, and conditioning.

Front Squats
3 x 20 @ 45, 50, & 55% of 1RM

My current 1RM is a mere 205, so I completed sets @ 95, 105, & 115#. Don’t let the weight of the lifts be deceiving, as 20 reps at just about any weight can get heavy. I was able to complete the first set @ 95# beginning with 15 unbroken and fast reps. I paused briefly with the bar on my shoulders and completed the last 5 reps. I was lightheaded and had begun to sweat. The set @ 105# was perhaps the most difficult, and I was often tempted to rack the bar. I resisted that temptation. The last set felt, well, heavy. I was just about spent by the last rep and again had to fight the urge to rack the bar.

Notice I categorized this part of the workout as both “strength” and “conditioning”. My heart was certainly racing by the end of the last set.

50 power clean & jerks, 50% of 1RM full squat clean
Complete 5 Abmat sit-ups at the top of the minute beginning at the 1-minute mark
Time cap of 10 minutes

Wow, who comes up with this shit? Oh, that’d be me.

My goals were to complete in less than 10 minutes and to not let go of the bar during any set of C&Js until the last rep, and even though to place on and not merely drop to the floor.

 I kept a running count of 80# C&Js and completed in reps of 11, 5, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6, & 5; thus I also completed 35 sit-ups. My time was 7:52, so I had plenty of time to spare.

I managed to scrape off even more hair on both of my thighs, and I have bruise marks on my collarbone. Good times.

My good friend, Dave, had an appointment this morning and was unable to find a substitute, so I coached the 11:30 session at CFD. I always feel right at home at CFD, and the athletes always make me feel more than welcome! Gail, Rama, Erica, Scott, Mark, Anne, Jaimie, J.C., Dori (my favorite Wiggen) and a few others were in attendance.

Gail, Rama, and Anne had already arrived. I was checking my email one last time before the session began when I noticed the top of someone’s head resplendent in a headband. I yelled, “Jaimie, is that you?” She replied, “Yes!” I said, “I could tell by the headband.” Anne jokingly said, “That’s the gay in you.” Haha!

Today’s WOD at CFD included 1RM shoulder press attempts, ring dips, and a 6-minute metcon of burpees and wall ball shots. I had a tremendous amount of fun coaching and, as athletes are now responsible for warming up before the start of the session (unless I’m mistaken, Dave), we had plenty of time after all of the work for, and by request of Erica, a yoga cool down.

I swear people make far more grunting sounds and painful facial expressions when practicing yoga than they do when lifting heavy weights.

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