Mixed up alphabet


The hallway is being widened and the panic bars installed. I wasn’t aware, however, that another layer needed to be added to the 2-hour firewall. It’s looking like we won’t be able to open until next week. Uhm, yeah, I’ve said that before…

Jeff says that he can’t believe how patient I’m being. I also can’t believe how patient I’m being.

On a positive note, Luke very much enjoys all of the attention he receives from the workers. He’s a very popular dog!

I worked out at 11 this morning, and it was good.

3 shoulder press
3 push press
3 push jerk

The goal of this workout was to complete all 9 reps in quick succession – with proper form, of course! I recorded all sets and maintained good form until the last set. I began to overextend my back, so I called it a day. I had hoped to do a final set at 115#. Next time, perhaps. I did completed set at 65, 75, 85, 95, & 105#.

Given that I wore a brand new shirt given to me by my very good friends Einar and Rona, I looked spectacular as I pressed. But, don’t I always?

My very good friends Mary-Ann and Jay once again wanted to spend some quality time together, so I invited them to workout at CFS this afternoon at 1. They both said, “Plank you very much, Paul.” They are both fabulous, although not yet “abulous”, people.

To make sure that the metcon I created wouldn’t completely destroy them and potentially end their marriage, I included it as part of my own workout.

Row for calories
Box step-ups (20/17” box – 1/2 bw men, 1/3 bw women)
Knees to elbow

My goals were to complete all step-ups and K2E unbroken and to row 1 calorie per stroke. It took about 9 strokes to row 8 calories, so I was close. I did complete all step-ups without putting down the 35# KBs and/or resting between steps. I also alternated legs for each step-up. I completed all rounds of K2E unbroken and kipping, although my elbows didn’t touch my knees for the first rep of the last round. No, I didn’t count that rep. Do you even know me?

I completed in 10:12.

It was a neck-and-neck race between Jay and Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann crushed Jay like a bug. Squish, squish. Granted she did scale, but still. Like. A. Bug.

During the workout I said, “The letter ‘J’ comes before the letter ‘M’ in the alphabet, but today ‘M’ is in front of ‘J’.”

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