Ladders and Luke

The water fountains are installed and ready to be inspected! I can hardly believe it.

I once again invited friends and family to visit CFS for pre-opening WODs. Those who didn’t pass out had a good time. I was delighted that some friends from CFZ visited, including Debbie, Margie, and Nicole. And Paul A. I almost forgot about him.

I failed to mention in yesterday’s blog that Wednesday I completed 30 muscle-ups, recording all reps and focusing on full extension of arms and turnout. What I discovered is that my first muscle-up is always with a false grip and with arm bent at elbow. Once I complete first muscle-up, I am able to switch to normal grip and with full extension. Gah! Not sure how I’m going to solve this problem that I’ll call “Maria”. I also completed 3, 5-minute plank holds with many, many variations. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. I have a 36-pack. I’m abulous. Abtasic. Abdorable.

I worked out this afternoon. Why do I program such challenging workouts?

Perform 5-minute rounds of the following, resting a minute between rounds:
Burpee and back squat (95#) ladder, i.e., 1 burpee & 1 bs, 2 burpees & 2 bs, 3 burpees & 3 bs, etc.
American KB swing (52#) and box jump (24”) ladder
Chin-up & elevated pushup (on 20# medicine ball) ladder
1-armed farmer’s carry; 1 round = 20m right-hand & 20m left-hand

My goal was to perform all rounds unbroken. I had to dig deep, but I achieved my goal.

I can’t recall that I’ve ever done a burpee/back squat combo ladder, and I can understand why. While I love burpees, back squats (even though a mere 95#) were just painful. I completed 8 rounds + 7 burpees.

KB swings and box jumps were just slightly less painful. I completed 10 rounds + 11 KB swings.

I find chin-ups to be much more challenging than pull-ups, even though I know that for most people chin-ups are far easier than pull-ups. I completed 9 rounds + 6 chin-ups. Jeff and Luke had arrived by this time, and Luke’s attempts at kissing my face were a welcome distraction.

Luke also decided to plant himself between the 2 cones I used to mark 10m. He’s a goofy dog. I completed 10 rounds with a few seconds to spare. I was very tempted to put down the KBs, but resisted the urge.

The totals don’t look very impressive. Alternating activities and performing a ladder made this workout very demanding.

42 burpees
36 back squats
66 KB swings
55 box jumps
51 chin-ups
45 pushups
400m farmer’s carry

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