Hips forward!

A slow start and a fast finish – that describes my day!

This began the first full week of CFS, and I was very excited to start the day. I was even more excited when Mike attended the 6am session. The 6am regulars, however, appeared to take today as a rest day. No worries, Mike and I had a great time!

Today was all about the high bar back squat. I coached Mike as he established a 1RM of 315#. Impressive. I let Mike know that in instances when only one person attends a session, I will join them for the metcon and possibly lifting or skills. While I did complete a few HBBSs, I didn’t attempt a 1RM. I did join Mike for the metcon.

Just before we began Mike asked, “What’s the best way to keep track of rounds?” I replied, “This metcon is supposed to be fast and furious, so don’t waste time recording. You’ll just have to keep track in your mind.” “What happens if you lose track?” he asked. I said, “Let’s say you can’t recall if you’re on round 12 or 13. You’re on round 13. It’s similar to losing track of reps during a metcon. If I do lose track, I always start back at one.” This came back to haunt me.

15, 14, 13…3, 2, 1
Reverse lunges in front rack position
Russian twists

Mike and I both used 65# for lunges and I used 25# plate for twists. What made this metcon difficult was not the lunges or the twists, but keeping my eye on Mike and providing direction and support. This also meant that I lost track of rounds on two occasions; thus, I may have done the rounds of 11 and 6 two times. And that’s okay. My time was 11:36.

No one showed up for the 7:15 or the 8:30 sessions. Gah! I was getting rather depressed. This is not at all like me. The story gets better, so read on.

High bar back squat
Establish 1RM

My all-time best is 230#. I knew, however, that I wasn’t going to match that PR, as my focus on strength in the past three months has been, well, unfocused. I set a goal to lift 225#. It was perhaps one of the biggest struggles I’ve ever had, but I did indeed successfully lift 225#. I was ecstatic! I then visited Drs. Alex and Dave at Brennan Chiropractic. Dr. Alex let me know that Emily would be attending an evening session, and this also gave me peace of mind.

I took Luke for a nice, long walk on the American Tobacco Trail. It was a gorgeous day, and my mood continued to improve.

A first-time visitor attended the 11:45 session, and she’ll very likely become a member. We had a delightful conversation, and our approach to CrossFit is very similar. It was a lovely way to spend my lunch hour.

My mother and I then went for a walk, once again on the American Tobacco Trail. I’ve been so busy with the Grand Opening that I haven’t had much time to spend with her, so this was a very nice way to spend a couple of hours. Again, my day kept getting better and better.

Five athletes attended the 5:15, ten attended the 6:30, and another five attended the 7:30 session. How awesome! Many folks established PRs, and Josh lifted 385#! Amazing!

If I attended an open house or a grand opening at another CrossFit, I most certainly would not attempt to recruit attendees to join CFS. That’s all that I’ll say about this matter for now.

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