25 reps both legs

Another fun day at CFS! Today was all about establishing 1RM bench press, and quite a few athletes posted impressive weights. Mike, Rob, Emily, Brittany, Glenda, Ashlee, Tom, Chris… the list goes on and on. Steve was the only athlete to attend the 7:15 session, so I joined him for the strength component.

Bench press
Establish 1RM

My all time PR is 180, although a very ugly 180. I successfully and easily pressed 165, and then failed at 180 and 175. Yet again, I increased the weights too dramatically.

JM was the only athlete to attend the 11:45 session, so I joined her for the conditioning.

Run 200m
25/leg mountain climbers
Run 200m
25/leg grasshoppers
Run 200m
25 air squats

I truly enjoyed this metcon, as it was a sprint from start to finish. (Dave, I not only program WODs short in duration and high in intensity, I complete them as well!) I completed all rounds unbroken and finished in exactly 4 minutes.

I not only enjoyed doing this metcon, I enjoyed coaching it as well. Everyone completed the metcon as prescribed, although form for grasshoppers was often, well, more cricket- or cockroach-like. I also enjoyed telling folks that the 25 air squat were per leg as well. Ha!

2-min max rep double unders
I completed 147, with as many as 50 unbroken.

I don’t miss my former job one teeny tiny itty little bit. I’m having the time of my life!

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