Marky Mark!

I had every intention of arriving at CFS by 8 so as to have enough to clean and do a long workout. NBC aired 2 episodes of “Park and Recreation”, and I just had to watch them both. I didn’t arrive at CFS until 8:30. This only allowed enough time for me to test drive a metcon that may or may not be programmed in the very near future.

11 bench jump overs
7 power cleans, 100#
3 muscle ups

Wow. Just wow. This was quite challenging. I thought muscle ups would be the most and jump overs the least difficult, but the opposite was true. I did complete all rounds unbroken, and given that I usually lift 95# for power cleans, I was happy that I was able to successfully power clean 100#. My time was 9:01.

I coached the 9:45 session, and there were quite a few folks in attendance. Jacob is much stronger than he thinks he is, Marianne takes direction well, and Melinda is a beaste. I added an “e” on the end.

I had planned on coaching the 11 am session, but as Mark didn’t have a partner I asked Jeff to coach on my behalf. He agreed to do so. (Yes, he had a choice.)

Partner WOD
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
75 shoulder to overhead
75 barbell plate squats
75 American KB swings
75 burpees
300 double unders
6 rope climbs

  • Only one member of a team may work at a time.
  • Each team member must run a minimum of 400m, row 500m, complete 25 shoulder to overhead, squats, KB swings, and burpees, complete 100 double unders (or 300 single unders), and climb the rope 2 times.
  • Teams may complete activities in any order. However, team must complete all activities before moving to another activity, with the exception of rope climbs.
  • Rope climbs may be completed 1 at a time.

Rona got lost. That’s a blog in and of itself.

I let Mark decide the order of activities and the weight for the S2O. To the best of my recollection, here’s what happened. (Mark, feel free to correct me.)

We began by each running 2, 400m intervals, with Mark running first. He said, “We can run to warm up.” Oh, Mark, running for me is always a pleasure and never merely a warm up.

We next completed S2O with 75#. Mark began and completed in reps of 10 and I did reps of 15. I was, however, going to finish with 10 reps and let Mark do the last 5. Mark, however, had already walked all the way across the box to get ready for rope climbs. We each did 2 climbs, taking turns doing so.

Burpees were next. Mark completed 10 and I completed 15 reps at a time. (In just about the same elapsed time, wouldn’t you say, Mark?)

Mark chose to row next, and he chose to row 250m at a time. I very much liked this strategy, as it allowed me to go all out and still have plenty of time for recovery. I kept the pace at 1:37/500m and stroked at about 32 per minute.

Mark chose plate air squats next, and we used a 45# plate. Mark completed 15 and I completed 25, Mark completed 10 and I completed the remaining 25. I could tell he was getting tired. I wanted to give him more rest time. He still completed the required 25 reps.

We completed our last 2 rope climbs.

Kettle bell swings, using a 52# KB, were next. Mark completed 10 and I completed 15 or more at a time.

Last up was double unders. Uhm, Mark didn’t have his rope ready. Uhm, I hadn’t retrieved mine yet, either. Unfortunately, 2 of my jump ropes had become tangled, and Jeff couldn’t seem to get them untangled and/or he was coaching and distracted. Probably that coaching part. Yeah, that.

We took turns with double unders. We finished in a time of 36:42.

I very much enjoyed partnering with Mark, and I tried not to push him too hard. I know that partnering with me can be a challenge in that I leave very little time for my partner to rest – and I need very little rest time myself. I felt bad that I didn’t evenly split the work, and I hadn’t even asked Mark if that’s what he wanted to do. Sorry, Mark!

2 thoughts on “Marky Mark!

  1. It was great fun partnering with you! You are a rep hog though, but then it is your gym! Actually, by the end of the WOD, I was too tired to even get into my preferred resting position. Keep in mind I was doing it with a weight belt… Seriously, thanks for pushing me.

  2. This WOD was a tough one! I had fun doing it though! Thinking of doing it on my own and cutting the WOD in half and see what time I get…maybe this time I will not get lost! I don’t even know how that happened! I feel terrible that Jeff and Cheri had to search for me but, thankful they did:)

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