Plate whaaaaat?

I felt particularly weak-minded but incredibly strong-bodied today. Huh?

I was warmed up after coaching Roda, Robin, Jannicka, Fanny, and Emily, so I worked out at 1 this afternoon.

Today was the start of week 2 of Wendler. I like the challenge, and I hope Surmounties do as well.

3 reps @ 80, 85, & 90% of 1RM

I based percentages on 1RM of 225# and rounded up; thus 185, 195, & 205#. I didn’t waste energy spending too much time warming up, and only did 5 reps @ 135 before putting 25# plates on the bar to complete first set. Yup, I recorded all sets. Yup, I looked not only abulous but assulous as well.

The set at 185# felt great, although the last rep is always a wee bit of a struggle.

The set at 195# was a bit more challenging. Nonetheless, I completed all reps with good form. I have evidence. I’ll be happy to share.

I then got all up inside my head, yo, during the last set. I began to think just how heavy 205# felt and then reminded myself what I told others earlier in the day: Don’t think or say that the weight is heavy. Just get under the bar, move away from the rack, squat, and explode out of the bottom.

I squatted once and I thought, “Sh!t, that may not have been below parallel.” I squatted a second time and thought, “Okay, that was a good squat. Should I do a fourth just in case?” I squatted a third time. While I knew that I could successfully finish the lift, it was again just a wee bit of a struggle to do so. “Hips forward!” I yelled to myself, but not out loud although when I am in need of expert advice I do indeed talk to myself. (Did you like that, Melinda? Ha!)

I reviewed the last set and was delighted to discover that my first squat of the last set was indeed well below parallel. And I looked assulous.

I did not do the programmed conditioning workout, as I did something similar yesterday. I also didn’t want to complete too many muscle-ups on a day when I have to demonstrate muscle-ups so damn many times.

10-min AMRAP
Max number of plate pushups
10/leg twisting/walking lunges

I used a 45# plate for pushups and 25# plate for twisting/walking lunges. The score is total number of pushups.

You’re probably thinking, “What the hell are plate pushups and twisting/walking lunges, Paul?”

With a 45# centered at chest level in pushup position, I placed right hand on outside, left part of plate and completed a chest to ground pushup. I then crossed left hand over right hand and placed left hand on outside, right side of plate and – you guessed it – completed a chest to floor pushup. Right hand over left, later, rinse, repeat.

Here’s the catch: pushups had to be strictly unbroken, in other words, no pausing at bottom and/or top of pushup. Also, if either knee touched the floor the pushup would not count.

Twisting/walking lunges consisted of extending right leg, ensuring that knee was above ankle (cankle if you’re Michael Kelley), and twisting to the right. I looked down slightly each lunge to ensure that middle of plate was past hip.

Twisting/walking lunges were tough. I’d lunge 10 steps forward, turn around, and lunge 10 steps back to the 45# plate, again without pausing.

I swore quite frequently during the workout.

I completed 24, 20, 20, 14, 14, 12, & 12 pushups for a total of 116 pushups. That’s a lot of damn pushups, yo. I lunged 6 rounds + 12 steps for a total of 132 lunges. That’s a lot of lunges, yo.

Tomorrow’s WOD may include plate pushups and twisting/walking lunges. I hated this workout that much.

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