It hurts to sneeze…

Best. Mascot. Ever.
Best. Mascot. Ever.

For the first time in a very long time, my abs are sore. Yesterday’s WOD was, in a word, spectacular! I enjoyed coaching the WOD today, and was pleased when Josh said, “You know it’s a good WOD when you can’t even finish it.”

I completed tomorrow’s scheduled strength/conditioning this afternoon.

EMOTM for 17 minutes (including 2, 1-minute rests) for a possible total of 120 reps
Power cleans & dips

  • At the top of the minute, complete 1 rep of either power clean or dip. 
  • Complete an additional rep at the top of each minute, i.e., 2 reps at the top of the 2nd minute.
  • You may choose to do either power cleans or dips at the top of each minute, but you may not do both power cleans and dips during any 1-minute time period. For example, if you begin power cleans at the top of the 10th minute, you must complete 10 power cleans within that minute. 
  • You may choose to alternate activities, e.g., power cleans on even- and dips on odd-numbered rounds. It’s entirely up to you. Yes, you may even choose to do all power cleans or all ring dips. I wouldn’t if I were you, but I’m not you. 
  • You must rest for 1 minute two times during the workout. Be sure to keep track of rounds/reps. I discourage you from waiting until the last 2 minutes to rest.

I completed 95# power cleans through round 10, rested 1 minute, completed strict ring dips through round 14, rested a minute, and completed the last round of ring dips. I completed all rounds unbroken except, sadly, the last round. Reps of 11, 2, & 2.

No slam balls or burpees for me, dammit.

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