Rolling, crawling, thrustering, squatting, running


I enjoy Thursdays. Rest is under-rated.

I’ll say it again: I truly enjoy coaching Boot Camp! I did so yesterday and today. The hardest part of the job is learning and remembering names.

My new Friday routine:
1. Coach Boot Camp
2. Take Luke to Doggie Village
3. Get adjustment from Dr. Alex
4. Coach 8:30 session

I do miss Luke when he’s not at the box, and I find myself constantly looking for him. I know that he enjoys daycare, and I know it’s good for him to be around his peeps. Or pups.

As Deborah was the only person to attend the session, I joined her for the metcon. As I told her, there are very few people that I trust enough to complete the metcon without my coaching, and she’s one of them. She always focuses on executing with proper form. Thanks for letting me join you, Deborah! Thanks, too, for letting me play the music of my tribe. (Inside joke.)

16-minute AMRAP
5 forward rolls
5 wall crawls
5 thrusters
5 back squats
Run 200m

This was a tremendous amount of fun! I felt dizzy after quickly completing 5 forward rolls. This made crawling up the wall and being upside down quite an existential experience. Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of “How the Universe was Made”. We’re all just stardust, people.

I settled on 95# for thrusters and back squats, and that was a good weight. Why? It was challenging but doable. I did miss a thruster during the second round due to my hands being misplaced. I did, however, immediately transition from thrusters to back squats each round.

Running was somewhat laborious, and I even found myself saying out loud, “Active recovery. Treat this as active recovery.”

I was glad Deborah was there to help me keep track of rounds. I completed 6 rounds + 5 forward rolls + 5 wall crawls + 5 thrusters + 5 back squats + 100m run. Just 100m shy of 8 total rounds.

14 is my favorite number

photoSo very tired…

Worked out with Jannicka and Fanny yesterday.

3 x 20 @ 40, 45, & 50%

Challenging and enjoyable! 155, 165, & 175#. I recorded and reviewed all sets. Neutral neck? Check. Flat back? Check. Good speed? Check, check, check.

11-min AMRAP
50m DB/KB 1-armed waiter’s carry, alternating arms each round
11 burpees

I completed 10m shuttle sprints. I completed first 4 rounds with 52# KB, and then switched to 44# — because 52# was just too damn heavy. Yay, burpees! I completed 6 rounds + 50m carry + 2 burpees.

I didn’t much care for this metcon. Who programmed it? Oh, yeah, that’d be me.

I had planned on working out this morning, but my lats were sore, you know, from the waiter’s carry. I really, really, really wanted to do the WOD, so I dragged my ass to the box at 4:15.


7 hang power cleans
7/leg barbell reverse lunges with rack in front position
7 push jerks

Keep your hands on the bar for each round. You may certainly place the bar on the floor between rounds. Choose a challenging weight, and increase and/or decrease weight between rounds as needed.

Let me go on the record as saying that this workout kicked my ass. I can’t recall a time in the recent past where I was concerned with my own heart rate getting too high.

My goals were to complete all rounds using the same weight, i.e., not drop weight from the bar (which most folks did indeed have to do today) and to complete in less than 14 minutes, thinking 2 minutes a round including rest time would be doable.

I settled on 85#, but made sure to place both a 15 and 5# plate on the ends of the bar. I also placed 2, 2.5# plates to the side, thinking that I might be able to complete a round or two at 90#. That didn’t happen.

The first round went well, and I rested only a moment before starting the second round. I did rest longer between each consecutive round. The cleans were relatively easy, the reverse lunges painfully difficult. The push jerks were painful if for no other reason than by the end of each round I was just spent.

I was sweating and swearing and talking to myself. I took every fiber of my being to not drop weight from the bar the last round.

I completed in 12:21.

Don’t try this one at home.

Cloud Atlas & “Murph”

IMG_0019Saturday night Jeff and I watched the 3-hour film “Cloud Atlas”. Quite simply mesmerizing. As Jeff spent Sunday afternoon with his mother I, uhm, watched the film a second time. Yup, now I feel compelled to read the book.

As I suggested to Surmounties, I took it somewhat easy Sunday morning.

50 wall ball shots, 20# & 10′ target
50 slam balls, 30#
50/leg mountain climbers
50 Abmat sit-ups
50 Abmat back extensions
50 KB Russian KB swings, 52#

I completed in sets of 10, 20, & 20 in a time of 11:03.

Why did I take it easy yesterday? Because I knew “Murph” was today!

Hero WOD “Murph”
Run 1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 pushups
300 air squats
Run 1 mile

I attended the 7am session led by Coach Jeff. It was a full house today; thus, I didn’t get to use the Speal bar and instead used one of the highest bars for pull-ups. And that’s okay! I need to work on my jumping skills anyhow.

Running, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, is always a pleasure. I ran the first mile in a rather slow 6:45. The course at CFS is challenging, as it’s a 200m up and back on mostly gravel surface — and with a rather steep incline at the start.

I had decided to complete pull-ups in 5 sets of 10 and 10 sets of 5, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m also confident that each rep was with full range of motion.

As an added challenge I completed hand release pushups. I completed in 5 sets of 10 reps and the remaining pushups in sets of 5 reps. This worked rather well, as I didn’t really have to struggle for any reps.

I completed air squats in sets of no less than 10 and no more than 25. My glutes and hamstrings are still sore from Friday’s WOD, and I know this impeded my performance.

When I began to run the last mile I could barely feel my legs. I had to look down at my feet to make sure that they were actually moving.

It is very difficult for me to not coach. I found myself providing direction and support even while working out. I was most concerned about the Boot Campers who attended, including Evelyn, Thom, and Nick, as well as a visitor, Oliver, and new member Liz and her husband, Carl. “Murph” is a difficult WOD for any CrossFitter, let alone a newbie. Nice work, all!

I am, however, pleased with my performance nonetheless, and I don’t think and/or feel that my observing others slowed me down that much if at all. I danced, I sang, and joked. The following exchange took place when “I’m Sexy (and I Know It)” began to play.
Jeff: This is Paul’s song.
Steve B.: They wrote it for me.
Paul: Yes, Steve, they wrote it for you to sing to me.

I completed in a time of 42:56, a PR by a couple of minutes. Having completed this WOD 5 times at a variety of locations and in a variety of manners, i.e., partitioning, I state unequivocally that completing it as a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, and another 1-mile run is much more difficult than partitioning the reps, e.g., doing pull-ups, pushups, and air squats in sets of 5, 10, & 15 reps, respectively — or any other combination. This is not to say that doing 600 bodyweight reps is any order isn’t exceedingly difficult to begin with. Apples and oranges, people. Pay attention. I very much wanted to do a few pushups and/or air squats while doing pull-ups, and I wanted to do just about anything but 5 more pushups while completing pushups.

I coached the 8:30 Boot Camp, and had an absolutely wonderful time doing so! Trevor, Wendy, Mike, Sabrina, Liz, Alyson, Felicia, and Eli enjoyed quite the workout.

I coached the 10 WOD and once again there was a very full house, including Boot Campers Fernando and John. Uhm, John did “Murph” as prescribed. Again, nice work, all! Shout outs also go to Camelia for doing her first hero WOD, Ashlee and Lauren for doing unassisted pushups, but especially Ashlee for doing unassisted hand release pushups!

I’m modest and I’m awesome. I’m modest about being awesome and awesome at being modest. (This is an inside joke.)

These glutes are on fire


The title of this blog says it all. After completing over 600 lateral bar hops just yesterday, my glutes are sore, sore, sore.

I began the day by taking the CrossFit Surmount Mascot for a well-deserved walk. I then coached the 8:45, attended the 10, and then coached the Community WOD. This means that Jeff coached at 10! He had an “incident” while attempting a max height box jump, so I’m glad that he was up to the task.

It appears that most people are either out of town or resting today. And that’s fine. Melinda was the only person to attend the 11 session, so I had the pleasure of working out with her! She swears like a sailor, or at least that what I’ve been told. I was grunting and swearing so loudly myself that I couldn’t have conceivably heard anyone else.

Speaking of Melinda, I’m very proud of her, Tom, Alex, Fanny, and Lauren for achieving max height box jumps PRs. I’m most proud of Marianne, as she overcame her fear of the box jump and successfully and repeatedly jumped 20″. Yay!

I did not, however, attempt a max height box jump for fear of scraping my healing right leg.

1 power snatch
10 double unders
2 power snatches
20 double unders
3 power snatches
30 double unders

10 power snatches
100 double unders
18-minute time cap

Having just coached this metcon, I kinda knew what to expect. My only wish is that I had extended time to 20 minutes, as I then would’ve been able to complete all rounds. Dammit.

Wait, that’s not my only wish. I also wish that Amy Scott didn’t hate running so much.

As Jeff had power snatched 75#, I did the same, and I’m glad that I did, as I was able to complete all reps. I think I’m getting stronger. I know my form has improved dramatically.

Double unders went smoothly for the most part as well, and I was usually able to complete 30 or more unbroken at a time. I was very pleased when I strung together the last 61 of the round of 90 unbroken. I almost wanted to keep going.

Two things to note:
1. It’s very hard to will myself to begin doing double unders once I’ve stopped or failed. In other words, I’d complete 40 of the round of 50 and would have a difficult time willing myself to start jumping that damn rope once again and complete that last 10 reps.
2. I’ve gotten into the habit of completing an extra double under at the end of most rounds. I’m so concerned with missing the very last rep that I continue jumping once I’ve completed the last jump.

I often dropped the bar once I completed a snatch. Jeff said, “Shouldn’t you be bringing the bar to the floor after each rep?” “I own the box, so I’ll do whatever I want,” I replied.

The 18 minutes flew by far too fast.

I completed 9 rounds + 10 power snatches + 4 double unders.
That’s 55 power snatches and 454 double unders.

That. Was. Tough.

I can’t begin to describe how much I’m enjoying coaching Boot Camp! Now that I’m offering many more sessions, the box isn’t nearly as crowded — and I can begin to learn names. The response from folks has been overwhelmingly positive. Yay! Yup, I hope some become members. Yup, I’d still be happy if some became BC regulars.

I rested yesterday but did coach endurance at CFBC. As there were 6 in attendance, including myself, we finally got to do a Fartlek run. I was a hot, sweaty mess when all was said and done. We ran for 22 minutes. I suppose, then, that I didn’t rest yesterday.

As I am now “free” Friday mornings between 7 and 8:30, I am able to get in my workout at that time. I did not establish 1RM for clean as programmed (although I may do so later on today or tomorrow).

As I was the only person in the box, I took off my shirt. I was only wearing (in addition to shoes and socks) my brand new orange Lululemon shorts. I looked spectacular, I tell you. Just spectacular. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screen shot. Yup, I recorded the entire workout.


EMOTM for up to 15 minutes

Minute 0:00 to 0:45 complete 1 Sumo dead-lift (@ 50 to 60% of 1RM) and max # lateral bar hops; rest remainder of minute
Minute 1:00 to 1:45 complete 2 Sumo dead-lifts and max # lateral bar hops; rest remainder of minute
Minute 2:oo to 2:45 complete 3 Sumo dead-lifts and max # lateral bar hops; rest remainder of minute
Continue in this pattern until you are unable to complete dead-lifts within 45 seconds OR up to round of 15 dead-lifts

I Sumo dead-lifted 175#, i.e., 50% of DL 1RM.

Round/total lateral bar hops

I completed unbroken lateral bar hops rounds 1 through 6, 8, 11, 14, & 15.

I missed the 52nd attempt on the 7th round, I paused after 30 reps the 9th round, after 20 reps the 10th round, I missed 3 hops the 12th (and most difficult round), and I paused after 10 reps the 13th round.

I completed unbroken SDLs rounds 1 through 13, completed round 14 in reps of 8, 3, & 3, and the last round in reps of reps of 6, 3, 3, & 3.

I used overhand grip for all SDLs.

During the early rounds SDLs were a welcome relief. During the later rounds lateral bar hops were a welcome relief. Somewhere around the middle it was just a living hell.

Jannicka arrived just as I was finishing. She asked, “Did you do the workout? Are you done?” I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to reply; I merely held up my hand. She asked, “Are you okay?” I didn’t know how to respond.

Lateral bar hops/633

Gritting my teeth.

I did indeed work out yesterday, and I continue to follow my own programming. And I’m getting stronger. True story.

Yesterday I coached Boot Camp at 6 (26 attended!) and the WODs at 8:30, 11:45, 5:15, & 6:30 as well as Foundations at 7:30. I didn’t coach endurance at CFBC, as I was fearful that the weather would take a nasty turn (and because I’ve been so damn busy).

We focused on the rings yesterday. Although I didn’t focus specifically on any skills, I demonstrated skills at most of the sessions; thus I felt like I did indeed work on improving my form and technique. Ring dips, skin the cats, L-sits (even a few L-sit pull-ups), vertical holds, and muscle ups.

I completed the strength/conditioning in the midday blazing sun with no one to provide direction and/or support. I could’ve used it!

800m farmer’s carry with KBs; complete 25 jumping jack each time you put down the KBs.

I used 52# KBs. That’s almost 3/4 of my bodyweight.

This was perhaps one of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever completed, as I continuously struggled to keep grip of the damn handles. I put down the KBs after at the 2oo, 375, 550, 675, & 750 meters. That’s 125 damn jumping jacks. I was sweating profusely, and this made holding the KB handles that much more difficult. My time was 10:53.

I posted my time on the whiteboard. Quite a few people made disparaging remarks such as “It took you that long?”, “It took you that long?”, and “It took you that long?” I kept thinking, “Just wait until you try it, bitches.”

And I was right. Only one other male, John, posted a faster time. And he should’ve carried the 60# KBs, as he didn’t need to put them down a single time. Uhm, you should’ve carried heavier KBs as well, Emily.

I coached the 6 and 8:30 Boot Camps today. I’m having the time of my life! Folks are really enjoying themselves, and I continue to receive positive feedback.

I completed the WOD at 10:30

“Dumbbell Dirty Thirty”

  • 30 Box jumps 
  • 30 DB/KB hang power cleans 
  • 30 DB/KB push press 
  • 30 DB/KB swings 
  • 30 Pushups
  • 30 Sit-ups
  • 30 Toes to bar
  • 30 DB/KB front squats
  • 30 Double unders
  • 30 Burpees

As I challenged athletes to challenge themselves, I did the same. I jumped 30″, used 30# DBs for cleans, push presses, and front squats, completed 30 1-armed KB swings each arms, completed negative pushups with hands on DBs, held a DB for sit-ups, completed 30 unbroken double unders, and completed DB burpees.

I set up the iPad to record — but forgot to start the recording. As I attempted to complete the 27th jump I thought, “Remember to turn on the camera.”

And I missed the jump. I scraped my right shin and it hurt like hell. I looked down and there was no blood. Yet.

I completed cleans and presses in unbroken reps, pushups in reps of 10, 8, 8, & 4, sit-ups unbroken, toes to bar in reps of 12, 8, 5, & 5 (the hardest part today as my shoulders are quite sore), front squats in reps of 18 & 12, unbroken double unders on first attempt, and burpees in reps of 10, 10, 5, & 5.

I was spent. I finished in exactly 15 minutes.


968825_10100529203284187_1707183707_nMy friend Alexis posted the picture. I responded that I like Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays). I really do love my job!

As usual (at least for the time being), the morning started off slow. Mike attended the 6, no one attended the 7:15, and Deborah attended the 8:30 session (coached by Jannicka). Eleven attended the Boot Camp — 8 of them for the very first time. Yup, I’m really enjoying coaching the Boot Camps and will likely continue to do so.

Jannicka has been exceedingly generous with her time and talents. I let her know that she was welcome to work out at any time. (Not workout at anytime). She said, “I’d like to attempt a one rep max for a dead-lift, but I know I’m not gonna get it. I haven’t had a PR in a very long time.” I determined right then and there that she would indeed get a dead-lift PR. She warmed up and then I said, “Just go into the next room. I’ll put the weight on the bar and let you know when top begin.” Her previous 1RM was 190#. I loaded the bar to 195#. I said, “Chalk your hands, mixed grip, step up to the bar, and lift.” And she did! I didn’t, however, let her know how much weight she had lifted. I said, “That was a very good warmup. Go into the next room again.” I loaded the bar to 205#, her all-time PR. She once again lifted the weight! Congratulations, Jannicka!

Lifting heavy sh!t is as much psychological as it is physical. Get all up out of yo’ head.

5 rounds not for time
Maximum number of bodyweight bench presses
Maximum number of pull-ups

The last time I completed Lynne was November of last year with a score of 144. My only goal today was to score 145 or higher, as I’m still somewhat (okay more than just somewhat) sore from the Spartan Challenge. Jannicka and I spotted each other.

I bench pressed 145#, a little more than bodyweight. I completed all but 2 pull-ups with overhand grip, using mixed grip for just 2 reps.

Unlike the last time that I completed this WOD, I immediately moved from bench press to pull-ups, i.e., I only rested between sets of bench presses and pull-ups. This made the workout very, very challenging. My forearms felt like they were going to explode.

I completed 10, 8, 8, 7, & 6 bench presses and 25, 22, 20, 20, & 20 pull-ups for a total of 146. That’s just 2 more reps than previous PR — and I’ll take it! I would’ve even been happy with 145 reps.



30 seconds (actually 34 seconds)

Luke and Zac once again awakened me before the crack of dawn. It appears that Luke is under the impression that, since he didn’t got to CFS yesterday, that he was being punished. He spent the morning glued to my side. We went for a 45-minute walk beginning at 5:45 this morning.

I’m human. I was feeling tired from yesterday’s Spartan Challenge. Nonetheless, I wanted to establish new press 1RM.

I arrived at CFS at 9:15 to recently-mopped (by Cullen) floors and began working out at 9:30.

Establish 1RM

I warmed up, lifting 3 reps @ 95#. I felt strong, so I went for it and successfully pressed 125# — a 10# PR. Uhm, that’s almost 90# of my bodyweight.

I coached the 9:45 and 11 am sessions, and once again witnessed impressive lifting. Jeff was kind enough to lead the metcon at the 11 am session so that I could participate (but not compete, John). I treated the metcon as active recovery.

I nonetheless set goals to complete in less than 9 minutes and to complete all sets unbroken.

Run 200m
15 DB 0r KB bent-over rows
7 twisting burpees

I let all the men- and womenfolk choose their KBs and DBs, and there was one a set of 30# DB not being used. I settled on 35# KBs instead.

Did I ensure proper form? Hell, yes!

I finished the last burpee and called time at 8:12.

As I’ve often stated, you don’t really beat someone, even if you finish a metcon in a faster time, if you’re not completing the metcon at the same time. In other words, if I post a time and then later in the day you beat that time, it’s not fair to say that you beat me. We weren’t going head-to-head.

I much prefer completing a metcon with others. Thanks for coaching, Jeff!

Spartan 300 Challenge

This is going to be a rather lenghty post, just so you know.

IMG_5172Luke was in a particulalry playful mood this morning. I took him for a 2-mile walk, and the rabbits are out in full force. Our neighborhood needs more foxes. Luke wanted to chase every rabbit that he saw. He didn’t, however, notice the turtle. My immediate thought was Aesop’s Fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” and I said out loud. “We know who won that race!” I determined that I would establish a pace for today’s Spartan Challenge — and stick with my strategy. Uhm, I then played with Luke in the backyard for a half hour. I kept thinking, “I’m wasting a lot of energy, but it doesn’t matter. Today is all about having fun.”

Jeff and I arrived at Athletic Performance just after 9, and Melinda and Marianne had already checked in. We were joined by Ashlee, Lauren, Cheri, Mark, and Angie; thus, there were 2 teams representing CFS. And represent they did! I am exceedingly proud of everyone who competed! Thanks, too, to our cheerleading squad of Tom, Paul, & Day Hering, Heather, and Glenda!

I had many negative thoughts going through my mind before the event began, but I kept reminding myself to just have fun. As it was a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, I also reminded myself our participation was for a very worthy cause.

Spartan 300 Challenge

  • 100 hand release pushups
  • Run 1.5 Miles
  • 100 air squats
  • Run 1.5 miles
  • 100 burpees
  • Run 300m carrying 52# kettle bell

For 4-member teams each participant completed 1 activity, i.e., only 1 person ran.

The clock counted down and we began, with Jeff to my left and Ashlee to my right. I focused on form and pacing, not allowing myself to do more than 10 pushups at a time. I also danced to the music between many of the sets, albeit I was kneeling on the flo’. True story. When I completed the 100th pushup, I was the 7th or so person to being the first 1.5-mile run. Another solo competitor, whom I’ll refer to as Invictus, began at about the same time. And he cut me off at the first turn.

Uhm, running is my strength. I waited until the downhill on Maynard and quickly dropped him. While I enjoyed the downhill run, I knew it was going to be, well, uphill on the way back. I passed a few people and was the 3rd person to begin air squats.

I stuck with my plan and completed in reps of 50, 25, 15, & 10, making sure to shake out my legs.

I liked that the 1.5 mile run had a turnaround, so I got to see if anyone wearing a pink band (individual competitors) was ahead of me. I only saw orange bands (teams), so that was a welcome relief. I ran fast, but certainly not as fast as I could have. I was saving some energy!

Like the pushups and air squats, the burpees were done indoors, and I had an entourage of supporters surrounding me. I will admit, however, that I was oblivious to them most of the time.

I completed burpees in 3 sets of 10 reps and then in sets of 5. Yes, I was getting winded. I also knew that I had a sizable lead. I thought, “Just continue to have fun. There’s no need to go all out.” Lauren/Mark were keeping a watchful eye to see when Invictus might begin burpees. By the time he had I had but 50 to go. I was very, very, very happy when I completed that last burpee.

I do want to emphasize that I executed all movements with proper form. Uhm, that wasn’t the case with some of the other participants. For example, I made sure to jump and clap for each and every burpee.

I grabbed a 52# kettle bell (although I did have to maneuver through the competitors) and began the 300m run holding the kettle bell in my right hand. I then switched to my left hand. I thought, “This should be a run, not a walk.” I placed the kettle bell on the back of my neck and ran as fast as I could. There was a loud round of applause as I crossed the finish line.

The race organizer yelled my time, but I was again oblivious. I asked, “Did I win?” Everyone said, “Yes!”

I grabbed a bottle of water, went inside to cool down, and then joined the Surmounties as they finished the race.

IMG_5191And the pride I felt as we all came together to support each other is indescribable. Mark was the very last of the Surmounties to run, and all 8 of us ran him to the finish line. We later discovered that the time keeper had written “Best teamwork — all across the line at once.” How nice!

My time was 35:00, just under 2 minutes faster than the winning team of 4. Granted, they each had to run 300m with a kettle bell, but, you know, I did all of the activities.

I had an amazing time with some very amazing people! I also had a beer.



2013-05-16 19.09.32

Yesterday was a rest day. I like rest days. I like rest days very much. Please and thank you.

I did coach CFE at CFBC. I’m exceedingly proud of Stephanie, Einar, and Sean. I do wish, however, that more CFBCers took advantage of the endurance WODs.

Speaking of CFE WODs, it’s likely that I’ll begin offering at CFS very soon, as Jeff has agreed to coach the CF WOD at the same time. Who’s interested?

We did celebrate Jeff’s birthday yesterday, and this did include a rather spectacular birthday WOD.
5 dips
16 Abmat sit-ups
1968# back squats (determine weight of BS and number of reps/round) or 19 reps @ 68#
45 slam balls

Jeff was born 5/16/1968 and he just turned 45.

Many Surmounties as well as other friends (and a few acquaintances?) gathered at The Corner Tavern to celebrate Jeff’s birthday, and it was a wonderful celebration! I like that a group of friends get can together at a bar and not feel the need to get shit-faced.

As of today, 129 folks have purchased the 8-week Boot Camp through Living Social. I continue to receive rather interesting questions.

Not a soul attended the 6am session this morning. I have a hunch that many of the current 6am Boot Campers will transition to full-time members or regular Boot Campers. Problem solved.

Ashlee and Angelina Ballerina Beauty Queena attended the 7:15 session, so I completed dead-lifts with them.

Establish 1RM

I lifted 10 reps @ 135, 3 @ 225, 1 @ 315 (5# shy of 1RM), and 1 @ 345# — a 25# PR! And I looked good doing it.

I completed the metcon all by myself (so very lonely) at 9:30.

101 KB swings
Run 200m if you place the KB on the ground

As much as I love running, I didn’t want to put down the KB. It was very difficult to not do so. “But, Paul,” you exclaim, “you’re exceedingly strong and very attractive. Why was it difficult for you to do just 101 kettle bell swings?!”

That’s a very good question. I’ll shout the answer: BECAUSE I SWUNG A 60 POUND KETTLE BELL!

I completed in reps of 25, 15, 11 (I wanted to make it more than halfway!), 10, 10, 10, & 10.

I recorded and just reviewed. Every rep was well above eye level. I began each set with a legitimate rep, i.e., no “pre-swing”.

I really began to lose grip strength by about the 60th rep, and came very close to setting down the kettle bell a number of times.

My time was 3:35.