I see burpees

Today started off with a birthday hug for Mary-Ann, aka “May”. She was joined at the 6am session by Jay (husband), Marianne, and Emily. May requested that 80s music be played, and I willingly obliged.

Although I didn’t do today’s programmed WOD (yet), it sure as hell seemed like much fun. While the 6amers were completing (or attempting to complete) 2 minutes of double unders the song “Maniac” from Flashdance played. I sang, “She’s a Mayniac, Mayniac on the floor.” Get it? May? Maniac? Mayniac? I’m very witty. And charming.

By the way, May often confuses movies “Flashdance” and “Footloose”.

Steve and Jamie attended the 7:15 and Deborah attended the 8:30 session. I joined Deborah for dead-lifts.

5 @ 75% of 1RM, 3 @ 85%, & 1 @ 95%

Lifts felt heavy but manageable today. I lifted 240, 270, and 315#. Deborah was kind enough to record and I reviewed. I’m very pleased with dead-lift form, and I do indeed maintain a neutral neck and flat back.

I worked out again at 3:30 and completed tomorrow’s programmed WOD.

2013-05-03 16.11.25Conditioning
“Burpee Hell”
AMBAP (As Many Burpees As Possible)
1 minute of burpees; 1 minute rest
2 minutes of burpees; 1 minute rest
3 minutes of burpees; 1 minute rest
4 minutes of burpees; 1 minute rest
5 minutes of burpees

Wow. This was tough.

I completed, in order, 45# plate burpees, twisting burpees, burpee pull-ups, 30# slam ball burpees, and 75# Sumo dead-lift high pull burpees.

One minute of 45# plate burpees was far less challenging than I thought it was going to be, and the 1 minute of rest was far too long. I completed 10 reps, so a rep every 6 seconds. I did not drop the plate to the floor. Just saying. 

Twisting burpees were far more difficult than I thought they were going to be. Yup, I got somewhat dizzy. I completed 37 reps.

Burpees pull-ups went as expected, and I completed 31 reps.

Burpee slam balls were exceedingly difficult and were the most challenging part of the workout. I so very much wanted to quit and contemplated doing so on more than one occasion. I completed 42 reps.

As an aside, it can be somewhat difficult working out alone as I must rely upon myself and myself alone for motivation. Good thing I’m so good at it. I have an internal locus of control. Google that sh!t.

Sumo dead-lift high pull burpees, while easier than expected, were still very difficult. I made sure to drop to the floor with a wide stance and then when I jumped to my feet I also landed in a wide stance. Uhm, Sumo stance. I rolled the bar to my legs and completed a high pull. There was only so fast I could do this. I completed 40 reps.

My total was 160 burpees.

Uhm, did I mention that I completed all rounds unbroken? Did I?

I love burpees. You should, too.



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