Chuck Taylors

2013-05-05 11.54.08You guessed it — another productive and exhausting day. Uhm, and it’s just 2pm!

Cullen is helping with the upkeep of CFS, so he and I met at the box this morning at 8. I’m a wee bit anal-retentive, so it’s nice to have help cleaning the place. Thanks, Cullen!

We then had our first meeting of the CFS coaches, including Jeff, Jannicka, and Chris. I very much like the team that is forming, and I certainly like being the Head Coach. I will be the first to admit that I have control issues.

I coached the 9:45 session. Jeff, Melinda, and Cullen attended.

About halfway through the WOD Melinda said, “I’m sorry for making sounds.” I replied, “You only need to apologize if you fart. Otherwise, keeping working and don’t worry about any sounds you may make.” I continue to be impressed by Melinda’s progress. I most admire her commitment. I know she never leaves anything in the tank, and today was no exception!

Cullen completed his first post-Foundations WOD. Afterward I said, “You picked a hell of a WOD for your first day. This was tough.” “From what I’ve seen,” Cullen replied, “they’re all tough.” He’s a smart man.

It appears that many Surmounties suck at math. I’m not alone! I warmed up the 11amers and Jeff coached the session.

Dead-lift 40 x bodyweight
Back squat 30 x bodyweight
Shoulder to overhead 20 x bodyweight
Snatch 10 x bodyweight
Run 1 mile

I weigh a whopping 140# but rounded up to 145#. My strategy was to go relatively light with weights and to do additional reps. I also decided to not break up lifts, i.e., complete all dead-lifts before moving to back squats. In addition, I completed lifts from least to most challenging.

Dead-lift 185/32 reps
Back squat 115/38 reps
Push jerk 85/35 reps
Snatch 65/23 reps

I was very pleased with my performance. I completed: dead-lifts in sets of 16, 11, & 5; back squats in sets of 12, 10, 8, & 8; push jerks in sets of 10, 10, 8, & 7; and snatches unbroken. I ran a mile and finished in 18:48.

My good friend, Jay, let me know that he was going to complete the optional 200 double unders, so I accepted his challenge. My total time was 23:00.

I wore my Chuck Taylors for the WOD, the first time I’ve done so for a WOD that included running. I liked it!

I ran the mile in 4, 400m intervals. A ran to 64 and back and thought, “I’ve got a 400 meter lead. Good.” I ran to 64 and back again and thought, “I’ve got an 800 meter lead. Half mile. Good.” While running the 3rd interval I thought, “Sh!t, what is someone chose to row instead of run? They could be crushing me right now!” I paushed ever so briefly by the closed garage door (it was cold this morning) and listened for the rower. No sound. I was relieved.

I suppose I might possibly be somewhat competitive. Maybe.

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