Death becomes me

2013-05-08 06.47.04

Yet another busy, wonderful day! I coached all of the sessions today, and once again the 6:30 session had the most attendees. Nonetheless, we finished on time! I’m kinda awesome that way. True story.

I joined Jannicka, Fanny, and Steve at the 8:30 session and quickly completed Wendler de-load bench press, lifting 95, 105, & 115#. Explosive! Dead-lifts, not diarrhea.

I took Luke for a nice, long walk this afternoon, as it was a gorgeous day. Oh, how I love not having to work in a stuffy office. Another true story.

I worked out at 3:30. While I an indeed a morning person, I most enjoy working out in the afternoon.

Death by Inverted Ring Rows
Rest 2 minutes
Death by Pull-ups

This is the first time I’ve done DbIRR, and it was, well, difficult. I placed my feet on a 30″ box and the rings were 36″ from the floor. I completed 11 rounds + 11 reps for a total of 77. Wow, just wow.

My previous best for DbP-U was 15 + 15. I had every intention of besting that score, and I did so. Yup, I did so. Yup, I recorded the workout starting at round 10.

I completed all rounds unbroken through 15, and then began to fall apart. I finished round 18 in exactly 59 seconds. How close is that? I had to really fight for the last 3 reps in order to do so. I completed 18 rounds + 10 reps (I was falling apart the 19th minute) for a total of 181 pull-ups. Oh. Em. Gee.

While I didn’t row a 500m time trial, I did take the opportunity during the break between the 5:15 and 6:30 sessions to hold a plank. Cullen kindly placed a 45# plate on my back. While it was a struggle (and I did grunt and swear) I did manage to hold for 5:30.

I’m modestly abulous.

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