Clean & Jerk and Run!

Luke attempting to bury his Busy Bone in the couch.
Luke attempting to bury his Busy Bone in the couch.

I did indeed rest yesterday, and I sorely needed it. Speaking of sore, my lats are just that.

I did, however, see Iron Man 3. Meh. A bit predictable.

I also coached CFE at CFBC as well as the Community WOD and Foundations here at CFS.

It’s hot today. Luke has made sure to rest in the front office, i.e., his room, where it’s much cooler. He’s a very, very smart dog.

Ashlee and Almost-Always-Late-Angie attended the 7:15 session, and I joined them for dead-lift de-load, completing 5 reps @ 195, 215, & 225#. Angie is learning to kip toes to bar! Ashlee is learning to be even more awesome!

I had hoped to do the metcon well before the start of the 11:45 session, but a new member stopped by for a tour and to complete membership form. Yay! I didn’t start the metcon until 11:25. Terry got to see my shirtless. She’s one very lucky woman.

10 clean & jerks
Run 200m
Rest 2 minutes
3 sets of maximum # knees to elbow; rest 1 minute between sets

This was gruelingly fun! I recommended that folks press 65 to 75% of 1RM press, so I settled on 85#. My time was 7:21. I completed T2B in reps of 25, 20, & 15, (20, 15, & 8 kipping, respectively) for a total of 60 toes to bar.

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