Luke and Glenda. (Ashlee should be very jealous.)
Luke and Glenda. (Ashlee should be very jealous.)

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Community WOD
Community WOD

I had almost talked myself into postponing “Christine” until after today’s Health & Nutrition seminar, but I am very glad that I did not. It’s after 3 pm and I’m very ready for a nap!

I arrived at CFS at 8:45. After doing a half-assed warmup, I completed the last day of Wendler de-loading, pressing 5 reps @ 70, 75, & 80#. Presses continue to feel great, and I’m excited to attempt a new one rep max a week from today.

Benchmark WOD “Christine”
Row 500m
12 bodyweight dead-lifts
21 box jumps

I haven’t done this benchwark WOD in a very long time, and I had forgotten just how difficult it is. I didn’t re-read previous blogs or attempt to discover previous PRs.  It appears that I haven’t done this particular WOD in well over 2 years, and my previous time was 10:48.

At that time I weighed a whopping 140 pounds. Uhm, I may or may not be a mere 3 pounds heavier. Regardless, I dead-lifted 145#.

It appears that Rx for men may be 20″ box jump, and I considered this when programming the WOD. I required men, including myself, to complete 24″ box jumps.

My goal was to complete rounds of dead-lifts and box jumps unbroken, and I came very close to achieving this goal.

Many thoughts passed through my mind while completing the workout.

I focused on strokes per minute for rowing, stroking between 24 & 26 s/m each round. I completed rounds of dead-lifts and first 2 rounds of box jumps unbroken. I was exceedingly winded by the last round, and paused ever so briefly before completing the last 10 box jumps.

While rowing the first round I thought, “I don’t want to row any more today. Maybe I’ll just quit.” During the second round of rowing I thought, “I don’t want to row the last round. This sucks. I can hardly catch my breath.” I very much wanted the last round of rowing to go as quickly as possible, but time seemed to slow down and almost stop.

The first and second rounds of dead-lifts went very well, and I can easily dead-lift my bodyweight for 12 unbroken and fast reps. However, time once again seemed to come to a halt during the last round. I counted up, and when I reached 6 I thought, “I don’t know that I can dead-lift another 6 reps without putting down the bar.” The last 3 reps were the hardest and it took an incredible amount of will power to not drop the bar.

Fortunately for me, I’m incredible.

I so very much wanted to complet the last 21 box jumps unbroken, but, as I mentioned above, I paused ever so briefly between reps 11 and 12.

My time was 10:25 — a new PR!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt like throwing up after completing a WOD. I most certainly felt like doing so today. I held myself together and kept my breakfast down.

I coached the 8:45 and 1o WODs and the Community WOD at 11. It was the largest gathering for a Community WOD to date!

Dr. Alex Brennan led a very informative health and nutrition seminar. While I would’ve liked to have seen more members in attendance, those who did attend learned much.

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