2013-05-16 19.09.32

Yesterday was a rest day. I like rest days. I like rest days very much. Please and thank you.

I did coach CFE at CFBC. I’m exceedingly proud of Stephanie, Einar, and Sean. I do wish, however, that more CFBCers took advantage of the endurance WODs.

Speaking of CFE WODs, it’s likely that I’ll begin offering at CFS very soon, as Jeff has agreed to coach the CF WOD at the same time. Who’s interested?

We did celebrate Jeff’s birthday yesterday, and this did include a rather spectacular birthday WOD.
5 dips
16 Abmat sit-ups
1968# back squats (determine weight of BS and number of reps/round) or 19 reps @ 68#
45 slam balls

Jeff was born 5/16/1968 and he just turned 45.

Many Surmounties as well as other friends (and a few acquaintances?) gathered at The Corner Tavern to celebrate Jeff’s birthday, and it was a wonderful celebration! I like that a group of friends get can together at a bar and not feel the need to get shit-faced.

As of today, 129 folks have purchased the 8-week Boot Camp through Living Social. I continue to receive rather interesting questions.

Not a soul attended the 6am session this morning. I have a hunch that many of the current 6am Boot Campers will transition to full-time members or regular Boot Campers. Problem solved.

Ashlee and Angelina Ballerina Beauty Queena attended the 7:15 session, so I completed dead-lifts with them.

Establish 1RM

I lifted 10 reps @ 135, 3 @ 225, 1 @ 315 (5# shy of 1RM), and 1 @ 345# — a 25# PR! And I looked good doing it.

I completed the metcon all by myself (so very lonely) at 9:30.

101 KB swings
Run 200m if you place the KB on the ground

As much as I love running, I didn’t want to put down the KB. It was very difficult to not do so. “But, Paul,” you exclaim, “you’re exceedingly strong and very attractive. Why was it difficult for you to do just 101 kettle bell swings?!”

That’s a very good question. I’ll shout the answer: BECAUSE I SWUNG A 60 POUND KETTLE BELL!

I completed in reps of 25, 15, 11 (I wanted to make it more than halfway!), 10, 10, 10, & 10.

I recorded and just reviewed. Every rep was well above eye level. I began each set with a legitimate rep, i.e., no “pre-swing”.

I really began to lose grip strength by about the 60th rep, and came very close to setting down the kettle bell a number of times.

My time was 3:35.

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