14 is my favorite number

photoSo very tired…

Worked out with Jannicka and Fanny yesterday.

3 x 20 @ 40, 45, & 50%

Challenging and enjoyable! 155, 165, & 175#. I recorded and reviewed all sets. Neutral neck? Check. Flat back? Check. Good speed? Check, check, check.

11-min AMRAP
50m DB/KB 1-armed waiter’s carry, alternating arms each round
11 burpees

I completed 10m shuttle sprints. I completed first 4 rounds with 52# KB, and then switched to 44# — because 52# was just too damn heavy. Yay, burpees! I completed 6 rounds + 50m carry + 2 burpees.

I didn’t much care for this metcon. Who programmed it? Oh, yeah, that’d be me.

I had planned on working out this morning, but my lats were sore, you know, from the waiter’s carry. I really, really, really wanted to do the WOD, so I dragged my ass to the box at 4:15.


7 hang power cleans
7/leg barbell reverse lunges with rack in front position
7 push jerks

Keep your hands on the bar for each round. You may certainly place the bar on the floor between rounds. Choose a challenging weight, and increase and/or decrease weight between rounds as needed.

Let me go on the record as saying that this workout kicked my ass. I can’t recall a time in the recent past where I was concerned with my own heart rate getting too high.

My goals were to complete all rounds using the same weight, i.e., not drop weight from the bar (which most folks did indeed have to do today) and to complete in less than 14 minutes, thinking 2 minutes a round including rest time would be doable.

I settled on 85#, but made sure to place both a 15 and 5# plate on the ends of the bar. I also placed 2, 2.5# plates to the side, thinking that I might be able to complete a round or two at 90#. That didn’t happen.

The first round went well, and I rested only a moment before starting the second round. I did rest longer between each consecutive round. The cleans were relatively easy, the reverse lunges painfully difficult. The push jerks were painful if for no other reason than by the end of each round I was just spent.

I was sweating and swearing and talking to myself. I took every fiber of my being to not drop weight from the bar the last round.

I completed in 12:21.

Don’t try this one at home.

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