Rolling, crawling, thrustering, squatting, running


I enjoy Thursdays. Rest is under-rated.

I’ll say it again: I truly enjoy coaching Boot Camp! I did so yesterday and today. The hardest part of the job is learning and remembering names.

My new Friday routine:
1. Coach Boot Camp
2. Take Luke to Doggie Village
3. Get adjustment from Dr. Alex
4. Coach 8:30 session

I do miss Luke when he’s not at the box, and I find myself constantly looking for him. I know that he enjoys daycare, and I know it’s good for him to be around his peeps. Or pups.

As Deborah was the only person to attend the session, I joined her for the metcon. As I told her, there are very few people that I trust enough to complete the metcon without my coaching, and she’s one of them. She always focuses on executing with proper form. Thanks for letting me join you, Deborah! Thanks, too, for letting me play the music of my tribe. (Inside joke.)

16-minute AMRAP
5 forward rolls
5 wall crawls
5 thrusters
5 back squats
Run 200m

This was a tremendous amount of fun! I felt dizzy after quickly completing 5 forward rolls. This made crawling up the wall and being upside down quite an existential experience. Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of “How the Universe was Made”. We’re all just stardust, people.

I settled on 95# for thrusters and back squats, and that was a good weight. Why? It was challenging but doable. I did miss a thruster during the second round due to my hands being misplaced. I did, however, immediately transition from thrusters to back squats each round.

Running was somewhat laborious, and I even found myself saying out loud, “Active recovery. Treat this as active recovery.”

I was glad Deborah was there to help me keep track of rounds. I completed 6 rounds + 5 forward rolls + 5 wall crawls + 5 thrusters + 5 back squats + 100m run. Just 100m shy of 8 total rounds.

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