Plate burpee box jumps. You read that correctly.

That's me leading the Community WOD!
That’s me leading the Community WOD!

A very busy Saturday morning. I took Luke for a walk at 6, worked out at 7, and coached at 8:45, 10, and the Community WOD at 11. Twenty-two (!) attended 10 am WOD and 16 attended the Community WOD. Sean, Daryl, Dusty, Reed, Tom, Amy, and Stacey from CFBC visited today. CFS members at the 10 am session were very gracious, patient, and (most importantly) understanding, as I ran 2 heats of the metcon. Thank you, Surmounties!

I completed the WOD that I’ve programmed for tomorrow. I wanted to make sure that it would be manageable — and coachable.

Hold and/or use a plate for all of the activities using the following bodyweight scale:

  • Bodyweight | Plate
  • < 90# | 10#
  • 90 – 130# | 15#
  • 131 – 170# | 25#
  • > 171# | 45#

AFAP complete 49 reps of the following 7 activities:

  1. Squats
  2. Presses
  3. Lunges with plate held overhead
  4. Plyometric pushups (alternating hands)
  5. Twisting lunges
  6. Burpees
  7. Burpee box jumps (placing plate on box)

Since I weigh a whopping 140#, I used a 25# plate. Like I always say, it doesn’t matter now little the plate weighs, after that many reps it’s going to start to feel heavy. And it did.

I completed squats unbroken, but felt compelled to put down the plate after 39 presses. Overhead lunges were just plain painful, and although I can’t remember the number of reps I completed a set, I know I put the plate down at least 3 times. I completed pushups in reps of no more than 10 and no less than 4 (the final 4 pushups). Gah! Twisting lunges suuuuuucked!

Have I mentioned how much I love burpees? Well, I do. I completed plate burpees and plate burpee box jumps unbroken. You read that right. Un. Bro. Ken.


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