Children of the Corn

The mascot napping.
The mascot napping.

Jeff and I opened the box at 9 this morning so that folks could practice OHS and/or snatch. I was delighted that Marianne, Melinda, and Jay attended.

I’ve been reflecting about the information Jay presented yesterday. CrossFit has transformed my life. Both Jay and I are amazed at my flexibility and range of motion, as we both know it wasn’t always this way. When I was an runner I could barely touch my shins let alone my toes. I certainly couldn’t squat below parallel! Jay commented that he’s surprised that I can’t overhead squat more weight, as I have both the flexibility and the upper body strength to do so. What have I been lacking? Focus.

I for one am loving the programming at CFS. I’ve certainly seen strength gains.

I not only enjoyed programming but also enjoyed coaching today’s WOD. Congratulations to all of you who took on — and completed — the challenge! I did extend the time cap beyond 30 minutes if for no other reason than I could tell that some folks would’ve been disappointed if they didn’t get to complete the workout in its entirety.

CFS has many strong athletes, and many of them are females. Michelle H., Angelina Ballerina Beauty-Queena, Robin, and Ashlee completed the WOD Rx. (Did I miss anyone?) Impressive!

CrossFit exposes one’s weaknesses, and that’s a good thing. For those of you who were disappointed with your performance, please don’t be! Yes, I’m talking to you.

Jeff and I shared a meal with Glenda, Ashlee, and Angie, and then I returned to CFS and worked out.

I began by attempting maximum number of unbroken double unders, and completed 92. A PR!

5 muscle ups
25 double unders

As I don’t yet program muscle ups very frequently at CFS, I want to ensure that I continue to practice.

Cullen was at the box and I asked him to leave the garage door open. Just as I began a small group of young boys, members of the church 4 doors down, stood outside of the garage door and watched me complete the first 2 or 3 rounds. It was like, well, look at the title of this blog.

I completed 3 rounds of dus unbroken. I completed the first 3 rounds of muscle ups unbroken, rounds 4 & 5 in reps of 4 & 5, and the last round in reps of 3 & 2. I really had to fight for the last muscle up. Talk about a shoulder burner. Time 8:44.

I grabbed my jump rope and attempted another round of double unders. I was on a roll — when the rope hit a bucket of chalk hanging of the pull-up rig clip. Only 79 reps. Dammit. I rested a moment and tried again.

And…I completed 99 unbroken double unders. Dammit. Why “dammit”? Uhm, because I want to complete 100 unbroken double unders. I recorded the PR on the whiteboard and also recorded my June goal: complete 100 unbroken double unders.

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