Kip? Nope.

Another great day of coaching at CFS! Yup, I love my job.

I worked out at 1. Yup, solo once again.

Push press
5 @ 75, 80, & 85%

I dislike the push press, but I’m getting much better at completing. Yup, I recorded all sets. Lifts @ 110, 120, & 125#. I failed last rep attempt, but didn’t rack the bar and managed to successfully complete.

EMOTM for 7 minutes completeĀ 3 hang power clean & jerks (60% of push press 1RM) and max rep toes to bar
Score = # of toes to bar
Rest 1 minute
Up to 5-min cumulative plank hold

I settled on 90#, just a little more than 60% of 145#. The hang power clean and jerks went well, but the toes to bar didn’t go so well. I completed the first round with 14 kipping and 6 strict, the second round with just 5 kipping and 10 strict, rounds 3 through 6 in single reps of 10, and the last round in single reps of 9. Total = 84 reps. Boo.

On a positive note, I was easily able to hold a strict plank for 5 minutes. Okay, a few seconds were 1-armed, as I had to scratch my nose.

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