The afterfannymath

Luke likes to "rest" in the master closet.
Luke likes to “rest” in the master closet.

My friend Jay said it best: Fanny kicked my fanny. I rested Wednesday, and it was good. With my new responsibilities, however, I never fully rest, as I always warm up and cool down with, as well as demonstrate proper form for, CFS athletes.

Yesterday I coached the lovely and delightful 6 and 7 am Boot Campers, vacuumed the floor, met my friend Christine in Durham for a cup of coffee, visited my good friend Jason at Bull City Running, returned to the box and mopped most of the floor, taught Foundations for Sam and Melissa, walked Luke, rested momentarily, returned to the box to finish mopping, worked out, and then taught Foundations once again.


A very bad storm passed through the area yesterday evening, and we were without electricity for most of Open Gym and all of Foundations. (There are some very strong athletes just joining CFS, and I can’t wait to see all that they can do!)

The electricity went off just as I began to work out. As I knew there was a good chance that it would, I used a handheld timer.

5 hang power cleans (65#)
10 ring pushups with feet on 24″ box
50 double unders

Yup, this was tough. I was somewhat self conscious, as there was no music playing. I was tempted to begin singing show tunes, and “The Sound of Music” is always the first song to come to mind.

I completed all rounds of hang power cleans and pushups unbroken. I was usually able to string together quite a few unbroken double unders, and even completed the last round with 50 unbroken reps.

I’m just that awesome.

My time was 10:30. Yup, I’ll be programming this at CFS.

I coached the 6 am Boot Camp, returned home to feed Luke, took Luke to Doggie Village, visited Dr. Alex for chiropractic appointment, and returned to the box shortly before 8:30. With school no longer in session, many more people have been attending the earlier sessions. Yeah! It’s also very nice to see new members put what they learned in Foundations to good use. (I’m talking to you, Holly!)

I completed today’s programmed conditioning.

3 Rounds NOT for Time; rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds
As Many UNBROKEN REPS as Possible
Option A (unassisted):
Ring pull-ups
Ring dips
Ring pushups
Option B (bands allowed but matador not allowed):
Chest to bar pull-ups
Ring dips
Hand release pushups
Option C (bands and matador allowed):
Dips (ring or matador)

I chose Option A. Imagine that.

Ring pull-ups: 19, 20, 16
Ring dips: 16, 13, 17
Ring pull-ups: 12, 11, 12

I was somewhat all over the place, as I didn’t want to complete any activity to failure the first or second round. Ring pushups were particularly challenging, you know, because I completed 50 just yesterday evening.

My total was 136 — the same as Zoie’s!

And it is challenging to work out and to program, as I often like to try a metcon before including in programming. And that’s okay.

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