During the WOD.
During the WOD.
OHS, yo.
OHS, yo.

I was in a particularly good mood this morning, and I had a most enjoyable time coaching.

There was once again a full house at the Community WOD. I was delighted to see Kristina O., a Boot Camper, at the session. Why? Because it’s her birthday! That’s dedication, folks.

I worked out at 1:30. Jeff treated me to lunch at Cafe Caturra. This is the second time I’ve eaten here. Blah. I shan’t have a meal there again.

I completed the WOD I’ve programmed for tomorrow. In a word, it was brutal.

—25 OHS (65#)
30 push press (75#)
40 front squats (105#)
50 push jerks (85#)
55 back squats (115#)
—200 double unders

Rest exactly 1 minute between activities. Rest exactly 2 minutes after completing back squats and completing 200 double unders.
Complete all reps @ 50% of 1RM. Round up. Use as few plates as possible.
A rack may not be used. 

That’s 200 reps and 200 double unders.

I could tell that I’m tired, and I plan on possibly perhaps if I feel like it you know resting tomorrow. Maybe.

Activity | Clock | Time
25 OHS | 1:03/1:03
30 push press | 3:24/1:21
40 front squats | 7:33/3:09
50 push jerks | 12:24/3:51
55 back squats | 18:06/4:42
200 double unders | 3:14

(My math might be wrong. Sue me. Or correct me, Paul S.)

My finishing time was 23:20.

The only activity that I completed unbroken was OHS. And that’s only because I’ve grown to love OHS. I also completed @ 60% of 1RM. I did drop the bar after the last rep. And I grunted. Loudly.

I completed push presses in 3 sets of 10 reps, front squats in 4 sets of 10 reps, and push jerks in sets 3 sets of 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, & 6 reps.

I usually enjoy back squatting. I didn’t enjoy back squatting so much today. I cleaned the bar and the push jerked it overhead and behind my back. That’s always fun — and not the wee bit dangerous.

I completed back squats in sets of 5 fast at 10 one-at-a-time reps (15 running total), repeated the same way (30 running total), 5 fast and 5 one-at-a-time reps another 2 times (50 total), and then 5 last one-at-a-time reps.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so happy to finish a rep as I was when I finished that 55th back squat.

I truly wish that there had been someone there saying, “Put your damn hands on the bar, Paul.”

The minute rest between activities was hardly a rest, as it usually took that much time to remove and/or add weight to the bar. The 2-minute rest before completing double unders allowed just enough time to remove weightlifting shoes and put on Converse shoes.

Double unders went well, and I completed as many as 67 unbroken. I was having a very difficult time catching my breath, and began to develop a side stitch.

Uhm, this was much fun!

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