Burpee ring dips

I have been following la Tour de France. Uhm, if everyone is taking performance enhancing drugs I suppose it levels the playing field. I enjoy the mountain  much more than the sprint stages.

Today was a day for PRs. Yup.

I worked out after coaching the 8:30 session. Faithful reader(s) know that I’ve been fighting a cold. While I feel much better, I still have a chest cough. Faithful reader(s) also know that I attempted and achieved a push press 1RM this past Tuesday — a very ugly 145#, 10# off lifetime PR of 155#. I decided I’d give it another try.

I warmed up with 75, 95, and 115#, and just about decided to not attempt. I completed a single rep @ 135# and felt surprisingly strong. I thought, “Make one attempt at 150 and call it a day.” I easily completed the rep and even yelled, even though I was the only person present to hear, “That’s a PR!” I immediately increased the weight to 155#, resting no longer than perhaps 30 seconds, and easily completed that lift as well. Wow! I thought, “Keep up the momentum. Attempt another lift.” And I did just that, easily lifting 160#. I did attempt 165# and almost had it. I wasn’t able to lock out my arms. I was nonetheless delighted! That’s a 15# PR after most recent 1RM and a 5# lifetime best PR.

As I didn’t attempt front squat 1RM, I did so today as well. Guess what? I front squatted 210#, a 5# PR. Yup, I did that. I can front squat one and a half of me.

I created the metcon. Don’t worry, I won’t program this at CFS

Power snatch, 75#
Burpee ring dip

Burpee what? Just a moment. I admit to programming so that I could go down the ladder for snatches, thinking it would be somewhat easier than going down the ladder for burpee ring dips. Uhm, I don’t know that that was indeed the case, as going up the ladder with burpee ring dips was, in a word, miserable.

I completed 10 power snatches, 1 burpee ring dip, 9 power snatches, 2 burpee rings dips, etc.

I did a Google search for burpee ring dips. It appears that no one has been fool enough to program. At the top of the burpee I jumped up to the rings ensuring that my arms were heterosexual straight. I then completed a ring dip. It’s much more difficult than it sounds. Trust me on this. No failed attempts. Yay!

Time = 12:17. That was tough!


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