photoLuke and I enjoyed an early morning walk, and then we were off to CFS. I had planned on working out @ 9:45 as Jeff coached, but as it was a full house I coached and Jeff worked out at 11. Yup, I coached both sessions. 

Jay was kind enough to test both Jeff and me regarding our functional movements. As I know, I am asymmetrical. Everything except my hairstyle, that is. I did score a 17. Jeff scored a 20. Jeff once again > Paul. 

I began my workout at 12:15.

High bar back squat
3 x 20 unbroken reps @ 50, 55, & 60% or 1RM

This was tough, as I knew it would be. I completed the set of 115# in reps of 10 & 10, i.e., I rested briefly between the 1oth and 11th reps. I completed the set of 130# in reps of 10, 5, & 5, and the set of 140# in reps of 9, 4, 4, & 3. Without even thinking, I began to rack the bar after the 10th rep of the last set. Ha! I said, “Sh!t” and took a step away from the rack — just to be sure. The last, i.e., 60th rep, felt like a 1RM attempt. 

30 muscle-ups

I completed 30 muscle ups well over a year and a half ago in a time of 7:37. I did not, however, recall my time prior to completing today’s muscle ups. 

I completed 13 unbroken muscle ups. As I completed the 13th I thought, “Thirteen is unlucky. Attempt a 14th.” I attempted. And failed. I dropped from the rings, got a drink, chalked my hands, and completed 3 more muscle ups. Sixteen total. I completed 3 more reps for a total of 19. Two more, 21 total. Whew. Two more, 23 total. Gah! Two more, and the 25th rep was  struggle. A single, 26 reps. I rested far too briefly and failed an attempt. I shook out my arms. Another single, 27 reps. I glanced at the clock and thought, “Could I complete in less than 6 minutes?” I mistakenly quickly tried and failed an attempt. Three more to go. A successful single rep for a total of 28. At the top of the rings I thought, “Go for another rep.” Stupid me. I attempted and failed. A difficult 29th rep, but I got it. I glanced at the clock, and it read 5:37. I thought, “Get on the rings now!” I did and failed. “There’s still time, try again!” I did, and failed. I stepped away from the rings, shook out my arms, and  finally completed the 30th rep. 

I should’ve taken my own advice: Get our of your head, yo. 

6:27, exactly 1 minute less than previous PR. Yay, me, yo!

Double unders
1 attempt at 100 double unders

I completed exactly 91. Dammit. 

I vaguely remember Coach Jack challenging me to do the Flight Simulator

10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 unbroken double unders.

Thus, if you make it all the way through with sets of unbroken reps but failed the very last rep of the last set of 10, you have to start all over. 

Guess what? I did it! All rounds were indeed done unbroken! This was truly as much psychological as physical, and I had to remain focused. 

Yay, me, yo!

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