I’ll admit it, this was my kind of WOD

photoUhm, yeah, so like today’s metcon (that I did yesterday) may be the most difficult that I’ve programmed to date.

I’m pleased that, with the exception of some chafing in the region of the upper buttocks, that I’m not sore. I suppose the chafing isn’t really soreness.

I’ve already demonstrated quite a few muscle-ups, and there are still the evening sessions to lead.

I wore my brand spanking new Pearl Izumi EM ROAD N1 shoes today that I purchased at Bull City Running, as I knew that I’d be running and I wanted to take them for a test drive, so to speak. I like! They have more padding than I’m used too, but they are much firmer than the Nike Free.

After coaching the 11:45 athletes, I stayed at CFS and completed tomorrow’s programmed WOD. If you don’t want to know until later today or tomorrow what it is, don’t read any further. Notice how I didn’t incorrectly use the term “farther”.

Run 200m
5 Handstand pushups
Run 400m

10 HSPUs
Run 800m
15 HSPUs
Run 400m
10 HSPUs
Run 200m

1.25 miles and 45 HSPUs. The focus at CFS this month is handstand pushups and kipping pull-ups.

Uhm, not much to report — as I completed all rounds of HSPUs unbroken! I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do so for the round of 15 unbroken, but as the first 10 reps went so well I gave it a try and succeeded. I do believe that 15 unbroken HSPUs is a PR for me. I can’t wait until we complete “Diane” later this month.

As the box was empty, I completed the WOD shirtless. If there were any fender benders on 64 between about 1 and 1:15 I may be the cause.

Time = 13:10

I very much like the running shoes, but I won’t be wearing them when I jump rope. I practiced double unders, but the shoes kept getting in the way.


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