Nope, not a badge of honor.

I haven’t been this sore after completing a WOD for as long as I can remember. The combination of GHD back extensions, GHD sit-ups, toes to bar, and stiff-legged dead-lifts left me hobbling most of the day. I may rename the machine the HGD for Hamstring Glute Developer, as sequential placement emphasizes importance.

I coached the 6 am Boot Camp and then visited Dr. Dave at Brennan Chiropractic. He commented, “You’re very tight.” Yup. I coached the 8:30 WOD, ran some errands, worked on programming, took Luke for a walk, and then coached the 11:45 WOD. It was then my time to work out.

My hamstrings were so tight that I didn’t even contemplate attempting an OHS 1RM or completing “Jackie”.

Benchmark WOD “Nicole”
20-min AMRAP
Run 400m
Maximum number of pull-ups

So why would I run if my hamstrings were so tight? Because there’s no better way to loosen tight hamstrings than by running.

I last completed this WOD a little over a year ago with a score of 130 pull-ups. I didn’t achieve or exceed that score today, and I know why. Read on. But before you do, a little note about the weather. It’s hot and humid. The temperature outside was is the mid 90s and it was even hotter in the box. I was a sweaty mess from start to finish. I did not take off my shirt  nor did I drink a single sip of water for reason that I shall not share on this blog. Ok? Ok.

I mapped a new 400m route that went from the back of the box into the RV parking lot and by some of the the storage units and then back.

I am somewhat of a purist. I completed all pull-ups with regular, i.e., not mixed, grip.

I completed 8 rounds for a total of 2 miles. I completed 20 unbroken & 5 single pull-ups, 20 & 1, 15 & 1, 15 & 1, 12 & 1, 12 & 1, 10, and 10. For whatever reason today, once I was done, well, I was done. With the exception of the first round, I could only complete 1 additional pull-up after completing many unbroken.

The 7th round was miserable in that I literally slipped off of the bar after completing the 10th rep. I had planned on completing 13 and am confident that I could have. Dammit. Not only did I slip from the bar, the callous underneath my middle finger of my left hand tore. I felt searing pain. Dammit. I quickly glanced at the clock and saw that I had less than 2 minutes remaining in the WOD. I took off running and returned to the box with just 20 seconds remaining. My hand hurt, but I was bound and determined to get in as many pull-ups as I could. I had just completed the 10th when the clock beeped signaling the end of the 20 minutes. Dammit.

I don’t consider tearing one’s hands to be a badge of honor. I should’ve taped my hands, but I chose not to for reasons that I won’t share on this blog. Ok? Ok.

I completed 124 pull-ups, 6 shy of PR.

And that’s okay.

I coached the 5:15 WOD and Jeff was kind enough to coach the warm up and strength for the 6:3o WOD.

I witnessed Jay de Leon snatch 200#. Wow! He’s so freaking strong!

Establish 1RM

I did just that, squatting 130#, 15# more than most recent PR and tying all-time PR. I’ll take it. I attempted 140# 2 times. I shouldn’t have been so greedy and should’ve instead attempted 135#. Uhm, 130 is 90% of my body weight.

And that’s okay.

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