Burpees galore

I worked out after coaching the lunchtime crew at CFS. I completed both today’s and tomorrow’s programmed strength, as it’s unlikely that I’ll get to work out tomorrow or Wednesday. Dammit. I’ll be doing that corporate trainer thing that I used to do.

High bar back squat
30 reps @ 45 55%, 20 reps @ 50 60%, & 10 reps @ 55 65% of 1RM

I completed 30 reps @ 130, 20 reps @ 140, & 10 reps @ 150#. Wow, did the weight begin to feel heavy!

I completed the set of 30 in reps of 10, 5, 5, 6, & 4, the set of 20 in reps of 12, 5, & 3, and the set of 10 in reps of 5, 3, & 2. It was so damn tempting to rack the bar, but I did not.

I quickly set up and completed tomorrow’s programmed strength.

Press, push press, push jerk

Clean the bar and then press, push press, and push jerk. As the most difficult weight to lift will be the press, base your lifts upon your press 1RM. I suggest 50, 60, 70, 80, & 90% of 1RM. For example, if your press 1RM is 150, complete 3 sets at 75, 3 sets at 90, 2 sets at 105, 2 sets at 120, & 1 set at 135#. Reset before each lift, i.e., receive the bar after pressing, stand up, and then dip and drive for push press. Receive the bar and push press, reset, and dip & drive — and land on bent knees — for push jerk. You may not split jerk.

I completed sets @ 70, 80, 95, 105, & 120#, 55, 65, 75, 85, & 95% of 1RM. This was as challenging as I knew it would be — but also much more fun. Now that I’m coaching full-time my form on all lifts has significantly improved.

I vacillated (that’s a BIG word, readers) between completing today’s and tomorrow’s metcon and finally settled on completing tomorrows.

111 burpees to 2″ target

As in the past, I used one of the bars on the pull-up rig that is a little more than 2″ above my farthest (not furthest) reach.

I completed 80 unbroken, and paused a mere moment before continuing. I paused ever so briefly after completing the 100th rep, and then picked up the pace for the last 11.

I completed 111 burpees in 6:14!

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