Happy Baby, Happy Birthday, & Ro(w)na

My view whilst blogging.
My view whilst blogging.

Catchy title, yes?

I’ve been enjoying watching the 2013 CrossFit Games. I will never understand, however, the propensity of just about every male athlete to shave his chest and compete shirtless. Why? Whywhywhywhywhy?

I coached the 9:45 and Jeff coached the 11 WOD. It’s been a looooong time since we’ve completed a team WOD.

In teams of 4
34-minute AMRAP
3, 10-minute rounds
Rest 2 minute between rounds

One (1) member will be rowing at any given time and for 2 minutes at a time. The other team members will be completing as many reps as possible of the following activities:
Wall balls (20/14)
Thrusters (95/63)
KB swings (52/35)
Weighted air squats (45/25)

Only one (1) member may complete an activity at any give time, and may only begin doing so when team member begins rowing.

Sixteen athletes attended the 9:45 WOD. Whew. As we have 4 rowers, we had the exact amount for 4, 4-member teams. I selected the teams and teams got to select team names: Junk, Luke, Sunday-Funday, and Oh, F@ck. Yup, Deborah created that last one. Ha!

I attempted to create teams that were evenly matched. Done. Scores were 1355, 1272, 1421, and 1419, respectively.

Team Sunday-Funday (Jeff, Ashley, Angie, & Emily) seemed to communicate the most effectively, and I expected them to post the highest score. They did, but by a mere 2 points. Ashley continues to grow stronger and stronger. Uhm, 63# thrusters weren’t even a challenge for her! Jeff’s V-ups were spectacular.

Eight attended the 11 WOD, and Jeff chose the teams. Team Awesome (what a misnomer) consisted of Jay, Mark, Cullen, and Michelle. Team Paul (a synonym for “awesome”) consisted of yours truly, Rona, Cheri, and Joshua. I think Rona selected the name.

This was tough. As I was focused on completing reps and rowing, I can’t speak to much else, you know, like number of reps I completed, distance I rowed, etc.

I was the first to row; thus, I didn’t complete wall ball shots until second round. I once again felt incredibly strong today, and was able to knock out numerous reps of wall ball shots (hitting well above 10′ target), weighted air squats, KB swings, and V-ups. I was blur of V-ups, competing 2 for every 1 that my team members completed. I’m being modest. I completed 3 for every 1 that my team members completed. I’m that abulous.

Thrusters, you ask? I completed only 5 or 6 unbroken at a time.

Rowing, you ask? While rowing went well, I didn’t very much enjoy. I was quite winded when I got off of the rower.

Team Paul posted the highest score of the day — 1427. Uhm, we should change the name to Team Awesome Paul. Or Team Paul is Awesome.

I very much enjoyed this workout, and Team Paul worked very well together. Rona celebrated her birthday today, and I was delighted that she began her day with us. All 4 of our communicated very well together, and the time flew by very quickly.

More Team WODs will be programmed in the very near future!

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