Ridden hard and put away wet.

Yup, the title of today’s blog sums up my feelings nicely, as that’s exactly how I feel.

I worked out at 8:30 (Jeff coached) and then coached the 9:45 and Community WODs.

Complete 21 reps:
— Strict handstand pushups, i.e., no kipping
Then complete 21 reps of the following activities in any order that you choose:
— Snatch (50% of bodyweight)
— Overhead squat (55%)
— Thruster (60%)
— Shoulder to overhead (65%)
— Sumo dead-lift high pull (70%)

— Ground to overhead (75%)
— Front squat (80%)

— Back squat (85%)
— Sumo dead-lift (90%)
Then, complete 21 reps:
— Dead-hang pull-ups, i.e., no kipping
Rest exactly 1 minute between activities. Use that time to add or remove weight from the bar. 

I should’ve weighed myself before completing this, as I overestimated my weight. Having just returned from the doctor’s office, I know that I weigh 141#, and that’s not even when I’m naked. I should’ve asked to be weighed naked.

I estimated body weight at 145, knowing that I was rounding up. Weights were then following:

Snatch 72.5 75
OHS 79.75 80
Thurster 87 90
S2O 94.25 95
SDHP 101.5 105
G2O 108.75 110
FS 116 120
BS 123.25 125
SDL 130.5 135

Weights could’ve been the following if based on 141#:

Snatch 70.5 70
OHS 77.55 80
Thruster 84.6 85
S2O 91.65 95
SDHP 98.7 100
G2O 105.75 110
FS 112.8 115
BS 119.85 120
SDL 126.9 130

Note that if the weight was even .25# I rounded up to the next multiple of 5. The following chart lists the differences in weight:

Snatch 5
Thruster 5
S2O 0
G2O 0
FS 5
BS 5

Live and learn, yo.

I kept track of time and, when I remembered to do so, reps.

Note that some of the times might be incorrect, as I can barely read the notes that I took.

— Strict handstand pushups

I completed 11 unbroken — and strict — HSPUs. I can’t recall how many rounds it took me to complete remaining 10. I wasn’t the first to complete HSPUs (although I did complete as prescribed, i.e., full range of motion).

Time = 1:30

— Snatch (50% of bodyweight)

Snatches at 75# felt heavy. Given that my 1RM is a mere 85#, I understand why. I had 2 failed attempts. Dammit. Snatches took me a very long time to complete. I did not keep track of rounds. Dammit. Damn snatches. Dammit, snatches.

Time = 4:23

The rest between activities often didn’t even allow enough time to add weight to the bar. Just sayin’, not complainin’.

— Overhead squat (55%)

OHS were much easier to complete today than in the past. Eighty pounds nonetheless felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 10, 7, & 4.

Time = 1:47.

— Thruster (60%)

Thruster? I don’t even know her. Ninety pound thrusters in rounds of 6, 5, 5, & 5. I hate thrusters, and today was no exception.

Time = 2:06

— Shoulder to overhead (65%)

Ninety-five pounds. I push-jerked or split-jerked most reps. I completed in rounds of 9, 7, & 5.

Time = 1:52

— Sumo dead-lift high pull (70%)

SDHPs at 105 felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 7, 5, 5, & 4. I was beginning to feel nauseated. I had to rest far longer than what should have been needed between rounds. Dammit.

Time = 2:20

— Ground to overhead (75%)

I clean & jerked or clean & split-jerked all reps. Yup, 110 felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, & 3. Wow. I was resting a loooong time between rounds.

Time = 4:29

— Front squat (80%)

I did not use a rack, so I did have to (once again) clean the bar from the floor. So 125# felt like 1,125#. I completed in rounds of 7, 9 (I was bound and determined to not put down the bar), & 5.

Time = 2:46

— Back squat (85%)

Back squats just 16# less (125#) than body weight. Wow. Just wow. I cleaned the bar, jerked it overhead, and placed on my back. I had hoped that I would only need to do that once. Sadly, this was not the case. I completed in rounds of 14 & 7.

Time = 1:14

— Sumo dead-lift (90%)

SDLs at a mere 135# felt light. I was quite exhausted by this time, however, and still had to break into rounds of 15 & 6.

Time = 1:07

— Dead-hang pull-ups

Uhm, yeah, so I like completed 50 dead-hang pull-ups yesterday. I neglected to record rounds, but know that I completed no more than 5 unbroken and completed last 4 reps one at a time. One. At. A. Time.

Time = 2:17

Total time = 35:45
Total work time = 25:45 (10 minutes rest time)

I didn’t get to observe the 8:30 athletes, so I can’t offer any kudos. I did, obviously, observe the 9:45 athletes, and I’m very, very proud of (almost) all of you. Special kudos to Steve B. who was finally able to complete snatches and OHS, and who also completed strict dead-hang pull-ups.

I saw far too much kipping. And sandbagging.

Sweat (and maybe some tear) stains.
Sweat (and maybe some tear) stains.

Active recovery, yo.

I had no intention of resting yesterday, as I knew I’d need to give today’s metcon a test drive. I’m glad I did, as there would’ve been mutiny if I had athletes complete as originally programmed.

10-min AMRAP
— 5 Sotts presses (weight TBD)
— 10 barbell weighted air squats
— 10 ring rows

I settled on 35# for sotts presses — and the weight at times felt like 135#. True story.

I completed sotts presses and weighted air squats unbroken, as well as first 5 rounds of strict ring rows. I completed 6th round in reps of 8 & 2 and 7th round in reps of 7 & 3.

Uhm, yeah, so far today sotts presses and ring rows have presented HUGE challenges for CFSers. That means I have to program both activities more frequently.

I completed 7 rounds + 15 reps.

5 @75%, 3 @ 85, & 1 @ 95%

Push-jerks went well today. Last rep @ 140# felt light. Good.

10 RFT
— 5 parallette pass throughs
— 5 forward lunges, 40# dumbbells
— 5 dead-hang pull-ups

I may program a similar workout in the  future. No, this isn’t what we’ll be doing tomorrow.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. As there were only 5 reps, you’d think this wouldn’t be a challenge. It was. Lunging with 80# (more than half of my body weight) was miserable. Ms. E. Rable. I wonder if that drag queen name is already taken…

I reviewed recording, and my form (like Melinda’s) was impeccable. Ms. Ima. Pecable.

To ensure that all pull-ups were indeed dead-hang, I paused one-thousand-one between reps.

Oh, yeah — I completed all rounds unbroken.

Time = 17:04.

Burpee FUN


For a nice change of pace, I worked out at 7 this morning. All. By. Myself.

It’s no secret that I love burpees; thus I was very much looking forward to this workout. I wasn’t disappointed.

Burpee Challenge
0-4:30 | Burpees to 4″ target
6-10:30 | Burpee box jumps (30)

12-16:30 | Burpee plate presses (45)
18-22:30 | Burpee dead-lifts (185)
24-28:30 | Burpee pull-ups
30-34:30 | Burpee toes to bar

Four and half minutes of work and a minute and a half of rest.

My goal was to work continuously and at a steady, even pace for each of the rounds and to only rest between rounds. Done.

Burpees to 4″ target presented little challenge. I completed 67 reps.

I was concerned with burpee box jumps due to still healing left leg. I bandaged wound securely and didn’t miss a single box jump. I completed 39 reps.

Plate burpees are never fun. I didn’t at all mind completing them today. Thirty-nine reps.

I was not at all looking forward to burpee dead-lifts, having completed 81, 185# dead-lifts just 25 hours earlier. I found burpee dead-lifts to be much easier than 9 unbroken dead-lifts. I know not why. Forty reps.

Most everyone knows that I love both burpee pull-ups and burpee toes to bar. I completed 40 reps of both activities.

Burpees to 4″ target = 67
Burpee box jumps (30) = 39

Burpee plate presses (45) = 39
Burpee dead-lifts (185) = 40
Burpee pull-ups = 40
Burpee toes to bar = 40
Total = 265

Uhm, that’s a lot of burpees.


  • Having reviewed the recording, I am pleased with the pace that I set at the beginning of each round. I do wonder if my pace would’ve been faster if I had completed with others.
  • Ninety seconds of rest was almost too much rest time.
  • I had to remain very focused while completing burpee box jumps. I did fear that I’d miss a jump and re-injure my leg.
  • Forty-five pounds now feels very light for plate presses. I must be getting stronger. You think?
  • When I completed 39 burpee box jumps I set my goal to complete 39 plate presses. When I was completing burpee dead-lifts I thought, “Why 39? Why not 40?” I had to push myself at the end of the last 3 activities in order to complete 40 reps, but I did reach that in-the-moment goal.
  • Even though I was the most tired, burpee toes to bar were the easiest, as I quickly determined the most efficient way to complete. Nope, I ain’t telling you what that method is — unless you’re a CFS member.

I coached the 6 am WOD prior to working out, and was very impressed with all athletes, particularly Emily and Nick — who both completed the WOD Rx. It’s always wonderful as a coach to personally witness someone overcome her/his fears.

And it’s always much appreciated when I’m personally thanked for providing both direction and support.

I can be a very nice person. Just don’t let everyone know.

I can also be a total dick. Everyone already knows that.

Luke snores


I don’t coach Tuesday at 6, so this gives me an opportunity to observe coaches — and work out with members. I attended the Boot Camp led by Chris. Great job leading the session, Chris!

14-min AMRAP
Run 200m
9 dead-lifts
25 lateral bar hops

I dead-lifted 185#. As this was the first time that BCers used the barbells, the weights were kept light for all of them. Lucky people.

My goal was to work continuously, complete all rounds unbroken, and to complete at least 9 rounds. Done, done, and done.

This was a challenging workout for BCers — and me!

I completed 9 rounds + 100m run. I’m not sure if I inspired or demotivated BCers… That’s 81 dead-lifts and 225 lateral bar hops.

My father-in-law Larry was kind enough to help me put up the wood paneling on the exterior-facing wall. This should make HSPUs, wall walks, handstands, etc., much easier. And athletes won’t be able to kick a hole through the wall. Yo.

Oh, that reminds me: the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” was riveting.

Larry and I finished working just as the 11:45 athletes, Alan and Kelly, were getting ready to complete today’s metcon. When in Apex…

14-min AMRAP
100m shuttle sprint carrying 20# medicine ball on back
25 Abmat sit-ups/Abmat back extensions (alternating activities each round)

I so enjoy working out with others!

My goal was to work continuously, compete all rounds unbroken, and to complete more than 9 rounds. Done, done, and done. Uhm, that sounds familiar.

I completed 9 rounds + 100m run + 6 Abmat back extensions. (Odd-numbered rounds were sit-ups and even-numbered round were back extensions; thus, if you completed an odd-numbered round and sit-ups you were either confused about the activity to complete that round or actually completed 1 round less. Make sense?)

I truly enjoy coaching the newbies, including Lorraine, Dianne, and Jennifer.



Alexus attended the 11:45 session today! I made sure to place an exclamation mark after her name: Alexus! It’s a well known fact that Alexus is my favorite. The next name I wrote on the board was “Glenda”. Glenda said, “Wow. You could at least say that I’m you’re second favorite.” “You are my second favorite Glenda,” I replied, “and I know two Glendas.”

All in good fun, Glenda. But Alexus is my favorite.

Every now and then I like to complete a WOD that I won’t, at least in the near future, be programming at CFS. Today was such a day.

I worked out at 1. I completed a Hero WOD posted on the main site this past Thursday.

Hero WOD “Dobogai”
Seven rounds for time of:
8 muscle-ups
22 yard garmer carry, 50 pound dumbbells

I used 52# KBs. The farmer carry was a welcome relief, and as it was just a mere 11 yards up and back it was a far too short walk.

My one and only goal was to not fail on any muscle-ups. I came close to doing so on many occasions, but fortunately did not.

I set the rings high enough that I would have to jump to them. That’s an added challenge. I made sure to tape my wrists. Read on.

I completed 8 unbroken mus the 1st round and walked 22 yards carrying the KBs.

I completed 5 & 3 mus the 2nd round. Luke was at the garage door when he heard a sound. He almost toppled me over as he ran to the front of the building as I was carrying the KBs.

I completed 5 & 3 mus the 3rd round as well. I rested between sets and attempted to shake out my arms. I grunted loudly. I looked to the front of the building to see what Luke was barking at.

It was then that I thought, “Why does this WOD even have anything other than muscle-ups?”

I completed 4, 2, & 2 mus both the 4th and 5th rounds. My arms were getting very, very tired. I also began to feel a pain in both wrists, but assumed it was merely agitated skin under the tape on my wrists.

I glanced at wrists after completed farmer carry and noticed tearing on inside of left lower palm. Dammit. It appears that I hadn’t taped correctly.

I completed 3 mus of the 6th round and then got some tape. It was one of those days when I couldn’t get the tape to tear. Dammit. I taped my left wrist and completed 3 & 2 mus.

“Just 2 more rounds!” I proclaimed to no one. I completed the 6th round in reps of 3, 3, & 2 mus.

One. Last. Round.

I completed 3, 2, 1, & 2 mus the very last round. I ran with those damn KB one last round and called time at 14:32.

I then glanced at my right lower palm and noticed hanging flesh. Gross. Both palms had missing flesh.

I wasn’t done yet. I completed today’s strength and, like with the Hero WOD, recorded all sets.

Overhead squat

My, how I’ve truly grown to love overhead squatting. I completed sets @ 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125# (a little more than 90% of 1RM).

I wore a Mickey Mouse tee shirt. Reminds me of my days working at EPCOT center…


Multiples of 6

Full houses at CFS at both 9:45 & 11 sessions. I had planned on working out at 11, but Jeff asked that I lead the session. I’m much louder than Jeff. Much, much louder.

It’s a well known fact that I enjoy coaching, and today was no exception. For the most part, even though the groups were large, things ran smoothly and athletes cooperated with each other. For the most part. There will always be people who complain about one thing or another. “It’s too crowded.” “All of the 10 pound plates are taken.” “I can’t easily get to the bar for toes to bar.” This is CrossFit folks: it ain’t supposed to be easy. Adapt, adjust, and demonstrate flexibility. Be nice. Be. Nice.

And what does “It’s like walking through a landmine” supposed to communicate to me? Were you in danger? Really?

Uhm, everyone will notice if you skip an activity — even if I happen to be looking elsewhere. Uhm, everyone will notice if you don’t complete all reps of an activity — even if I don’t. Uhm, no one likes a cheater. No one.

There, I got that off of my chesticles.

I worked out after everyone had left. Jeff offered to stay, but I insisted that he take Luke home and relax. Besides, I’m very used to working out by myself, yo.

Push jerk
5 @ 80, 85, & 90%

I completed sets @ 115, 125, & 130#. Everything felt kinda heavy today, but I successfully completed all reps.

24-min AMRAP
6 front squats @ 75% of body weight (115#)
18 seated box jumps (17″ to 24″)
12 toes through rings

I had programmed toes through rings after front squats but mistakenly completed seated box jumps after front squats the first round. I continued in this manner for the remainder of the workout.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I did. I did, however, rest briefly between activities. I have found that I do much better when I rest between activities and then complete rounds unbroken. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Front squats felt heavy but manageable. Cleaning 115# presents no challenge, even if it is 80% if 1RM. Drop under the bar, Paul.

I wore a large bandage over still-healing wound on left leg and wore calf compression sleeves as well. Nonetheless, box jumps hurt.

Toes through rings? No problem. Yes, my toes went through rings for each and every rep.

I completed 9 rounds + 1 front squat.
55 front squats
162 seated box jumps
108 toes through rings


Ashlee and Jay Day, yo.


Today is Ashlee’s birthday, so we made sure we sang Happy Birthday while in child’s pose.

BIG groups at both sessions today.

I had the duty honor pleasure of partnering with Jay, although (as Jeff noted) it wasn’t truly a partner WOD if for no other reason than I had to call a time cap of 24 minutes and no partners were able to complete within that timeframe. Jay and I came close.

Partner WOD
7 rounds each of the following:
Workout A:
10 pull-ups
10 slam ball cleans (30)
10 ring dips

Workout B:
10 negative pushups (45 plates)
10 KB swings (52 )
10 wall balls (20)

Every 3 minutes switch until both partners complete both workouts 

Jay begin with A and I began with (duh) B.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. I did.

Not much else to report other than this was challenging.

While I kept track of rounds using poker chips and I did keep track of reps by the end of a round, e.g., “9 KBs”, I didn’t keep track of rounds and reps per 3-minute round.

I completed the 7 rounds of both workouts in 22:46 and worked a total of 21:47.

I rewarded myself with strawberry Progenex. Deliciousness.

Jay completed 10 rounds so our total was 24. Rx, bitches.

Jeff and I both have noticed that many (far too many) folks are choosing the prescribed weight for the wall ball — but not hitting the 9′ or 10′ targets. Don’t do that. Choose a lighter wall ball. Hit the damn target.

Luke and the gym mat…


SPOILER ALERT: The following workout, modified slightly, will be completed at CFS this Sunday. If you don’t want to know what it is, don’t read any further.

Remember, use “farther” for physical distance and “further” for metaphorical, or figurative, distance.

Good. Going on.

I coached the 6, 8:30, & 11:45 WODs this morning. Sadly, there was no Alexus sighting. She’s my favorite.  I also coached the 5, 5:15, & 6:30 WODs this evening. There were so many athletes at the 6:30 WOD that we almost ran out of plates. Good thing Ashlee, Angie, and Glenda attended the session at 4!

I miss Lauren.

Today was very enjoyable day, as the programming allowed time for skill building as well as a challenging — yet doable — metcon.

I love programming. I truly do.

32-min total; 26 min of work
For each round, complete the following activities:
— Power C&Js (65/75/85#); hands must remain on bar from floor to floor
— Box jumps (30′)
— Forward rolls
— Toes to bar
— Handstand pushups

Min 0-12 complete 9 reps (12 min total)
Min 15-23 complete 6 reps (8 min total)
Min 26-32 complete 3 reps (6 min total)
Rest 3 min between rounds

The weight for power C&Js increases by 10# each round. 

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and if it hadn’t been for a missed (painfully so) box jump during the first round I would’ve done so. Stupid box jumps.

I was thinking, “Thirty inches may be too high to prescribe. I think I’ll change it to 24 inches for Sunday.” It was right then that I missed the box with, as always, my left leg. I knew my leg was going to bleed, and bleed it did, so much so that I had to pause to get an antibacterial wipe so as to not bleed on the gym mat. I used athletic tape to wrap a paper towel around the wound during the rest between rounds, you know, just like Melinda would do.

Luke slept on the gym mat for most of the workout, occasionally barking at someone but nonetheless returning to the mat to sleep. I love that dog, I truly do.

Some observations:

  • C&Js with hands remaining on bar were kinda sorta fun. Given that the weight was light, although the weight did increase each round, it allowed me to focus on explosive movements. Surprisingly, C&Js were the second easiest activity.
  • Damn box jumps.
  • Nine forward rolls are more difficult than 6 forward rolls. Three forward rolls are still difficult. There were quite a few times when I had a difficult time standing up after the last rep.
  • Unbroken rounds of kipping toes to bar presented little challenge. Nonetheless, they were not the easiest activity.
  • You’ve probably figured it out by now: handstand pushups, of all things, presented the least challenge. Huh? I completed all rounds unbroken. During the first rep of the round of 6 reps I thought, “Your goal is to increase speed. Try completing faster even if you can’t complete unbroken.” Completing HSPUs faster was a hell of a lot easier than pausing between each rep. Uhm, maybe it’s that gravity thing.
  • In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t that the HSPUs were easier — it was that HSPUs were so enjoyable.

Round 1 | 3 rounds + 4 box jumps = 148 reps
Round 2 | 3 rounds + 2 box jumps = 98 reps
Round 3 | 4 rounds + 3 box jumps = 66
Total score = 312 reps

57 HSPUs, yo.

Jeff and I joined Coach Chris and Robin for dinner at Daniel’s. ‘Twas delicious and the company was delightful! Thanks, Chris and Robin!

I like beer.

So very tired…


Yup, I rested yesterday. I prolly coulda shoulda rested today as well.

I worked out in the heat of the afternoon. And it was hot. Like really hot, yo.

— 100 double unders
— 20 dead-lifts (65% of 1RM; 225#)
— 20 GHD sit-ups
— 75 double unders 
— 15 dead-lifts
— 15 GHD sit-ups
— 50 double unders
— 10 dead-lifts
— 10 GHD sit-ups
— 25 double unders
— 5 dead-lifts
— GHD sit-ups

Wow, this was much more difficult than I thought it would be. The first round of 100 double unders was a big, hot mess. The most I was able to string together was 35. Gah! I completed the round of 75 in reps of 67 & 8, the round of 50 in reps of 49 & 1, and the round of 25 in 24 & 1. Notice a pattern?

Dead-lifts felt very heavy today. I completed the round of 20 in reps of 5, the round of 15 in reps of 5, 6, & 4, the round of 10 in reps of 6 & 4, and the last round of 5 unbroken. I can usually complete 15 or more unbroken reps. For whatever reason my right pinky seized and hurt. Huh? It still a little “swolt”.

All rounds of GHD sit-ups were done unbroken, although even that was a challenge.

Time 12:40

Alexus is my…

Abs, yo.
Abs, yo.
Alexus IS my favorite. If I had favorites. Which I do.
Alexus IS my favorite. If I had favorites. Which I do.


I worked out with the 6 am crew this morning. Another “fun” workout…


Work up to the heaviest set of 3 strict shoulder presses that you can effectively complete. 

For whatever reason, I felt particularly strong this morning. My goal was to press at least 85% of current 1RM of 125#. I completed sets @ 65, 85, 95, 105, & 115# — 90% of 1RM. I could’ve even possibly gone heavier today. I’m glad that I did not, if for no other reason than the weight would’ve been heavier for the metcon.

10-min AMRAP
1 Push press, front squat, & thruster
2 Push presses, front squats, & thrusters
3 Push presses, front squats, & thrusters
Complete 5 knees to elbows between each round
Use 65 to 75% of 3RM press

There was much confusion regarding rep scheme. I helped to clarify.

Always read the WOD blog, CFSers.

Push press, front squat, and thruster. Not push press, front squat, another front squat, and another push press. One push press, 1 front squat, 1 thruster, and 5 toes to bar. Then 2 push presses, 2 front squats, 2 thrusters, and 5 toes to bar. Not 1 push press, 1 front squat, and 1 thruster and then another push press, front squat, and thruster. That’s an altogether different workout.

Going on.

I knew this was going to be tough, and it was. I am honestly not sure how many rounds or reps I completed, as Emily said she completed 8 rounds and I was a round behind her. If that’s the case, I completed 7 rounds + 19 reps. If not, I completed 6 rounds + 17 reps. Let’s got with that.

The only thing that’s certain is that I completed 3 thrusters the last round and that I completed all rounds of T2B unbroken. Other than that, it’s a miserable blur.

That’s 28 push press, 28 front squats, 24 thrusters, and 30 toes to bar at almost 68% of body weight, yo.

I worked out again (I know, right?) at 1 pm to complete tomorrow’s programmed WOD so as to know what to expect.


1 Clean & Jerk (75% of body weight)
2 Turkish get-ups (1/arm)
3 Sumo dead-lift high pulls
4 Shoulder to overhead (press, push press, and/or push jerk)
5 Lateral box jumps (24)
6 Chest to bar pull-ups
7 Plyometric pushups
8 Kettle bell swings (52)
9 Toes to bar
10 Wall balls (20)
800m run

Begin by completing 1 C & J. Next, complete 2 TGUs (1/arm) and 1 C & J. Then complete 3 SDHPs, 2 TGUs, and 1 C & J. Continue.

Uhm, 105# is 75% of bodyweight. Uhm, I had already completed quite a few presses, push presses, and thrusters @ 95# just a few hours earlier. SEE ABOVE, FOOLS.

For Turkish get-ups I used a 15# barbell and put 2, 10# & 2.5# plates on the ends of the bar for a total of 40#. That was plenty heavy enough.

Nothing was easy today. Not a thing. Nothing. Not. A. Thing.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. I was a slippery mess, so much so that the wall ball slipped out of my hands after the 8th rep of the 10th round. Dammit. Damn it. Damn. It.

Let me go on record as saying that barbell Turkish get-ups are exceedingly challenging when completed in a metcon. To add insult to injury, I had taken off my shirt midway through the workout. Upon completing each and every Turkish get-up, there would be a pool of tears sweat on the floor. My foot slid on more than one occasion — but I didn’t miss a single rep.

Time = 36:57

A few things to note:

  • I’d much rather split jerk than push jerk.
  • It was easier to do Turkish get-ups with left arm; thus I began each set with right arm.
  • Barbell Turkish get-ups are much, much more difficult than kettle bell and/or dumbbell TGUs.
  • Lateral box jumps are difficult, but were a welcome relief.
  • Sumo dead-lifts high pulls at a mere 10# heavier than what I normally use for a metcon felt, well, 50# heavier.
  • It was very difficult completing this metcon solo. I would’ve like some company.
  • I reviewed recording, and every damn rep counted.
  • I have defined abs.
  • In order from least to most difficult: running, lateral box jumps, KB swings, C2B pull-ups, plyo pushups, toes to bar, C & J, wall balls, SDHP, TGUs, & S2O.