I get quite lonely when Jeff is out of town. Luke is also somewhat sulking, and he once again slept under the bed last night.

I’m not feeling very strong, so I didn’t even attempt split-jerk 1RM. It’s not like I can’t attempt tomorrow or Thursday. Hell, every day is Open Gym when you own the box.

My last attempt at “Diane” was disastrous. There was a 10-min time cap — and I didn’t come close to finishing within the time cap.

Today was a completely different story.

I’ve mentioned that it can be challenging working out alone, as there’s no one to compete with. No one, that is, but oneself. I decided today that I would not look at the clock until I was finished, that I would focus only on form, and that I would make very rep count. Oh — and not have any failed HSPUs.

I. Did. Just. That.

Thus, I enjoyed working out alone.

Benchmark WOD “Diane”
Dead-lifts (225#)
Handstand pushups

12-minute time cap

Yup, I was gracious in that I allowed a 12-minute time cap. I’m just that nice, yo.

Dead-lifts went well, and I completed 15 unbroken right out of the gate. I had to make myself rest.

HSPUs went even better than dead-lifts. I completed 11, 7, & 5 unbroken reps the first, second, and third rounds, respectively .

Most surprisingly, I completed 2 unassisted HSPUs. What do I mean by unassisted, you ask? Good question, and I’m pleased that you’re paying attention.

I completed the HSPU with full extension, but without my feet touching the wall, and then immediately completed another HSPU, albeit with my feet touching the wall. I did that twice. I did that twice. Just like I wrote that last sentence twice.

Time = 9:20. A PR. A PR.

Yup, I’m well aware that there are many folks, perhaps even a reader or two, who can complete this WOD faster.

Cindy = 26 rounds + 1 pull-up. I’ll leave it at that. Hugs!

2 thoughts on ““Diane”

  1. Wow….I am for a sign up to workout with you, I can guarantee you won’t train alone. Just a thought

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