Get up, dip, snatch, row, & hop


I worked out after coaching the very well attended 11:45 am session. The nice thing about working out immediately after coaching is that I’m usually well warmed up. I can’t be bothered to attempt to end that last sentence in anything other than a preposition (although I briefly contemplated adding a “yo”).

Turkish Get Up

Establish 1RM

For a change of pace, and because I’ve been wanting to, I attempted barbell Turkish Get Ups. Wow, what I difference. I successfully completed reps (both arms) at 35 & 40, and later this evening prior to coaching the 4 pm session completed reps @ 45 & 50#. As it was my first attempt, that’d by a PR.

Ring dips
EMOTM complete 3 to 5 ring dips

I wore a 25# weight vest and completed 5 strict ring dips per round. I’ll admit that the last two rounds were challenging, but I did lock out each of the 40 reps — and I didn’t kip a single time.

1, 2, 3…
Power snatches
Barbell bent over rows
10 lateral bar hops between rounds

This was much more fun than I thought it was going to be. That’s not to say that it wasn’t challenging.

My goals were to complete 10 rounds, complete rounds of bent over rows unbroken, and to have no failed attempts at power snatches. Done, done, and done.

What weight did I use? A whopping 85#, almost 70% of my all-time power snatch PR of 125# and 60% of my body weight.

At one point during the halfway point I thought, “It doesn’t look like I’m going to get 10 rounds. Wait, maybe I can. You suck at math, Paul.”

I had more than enough time to complete 10 rounds and was just 5 lateral bar hops shy of completing 11 rounds.

Score = 10 rounds + 27 reps.

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