That. Was. Tough.


I coached the 9:45 session and attended the 11 session, led by Coach Jeff. And Coach Luke.

I was quite sore this morning, and I suspected that those athletes that completed “Barbara” yesterday were quite sore as well. We spent more than 20 painfully wonderful minutes on mobility. Thus, I did 2, 20-minute mobility sessions this morning. Bliss.

Complete 10 rounds; 2 rounds of each activity
2:00 work with :30 rest between rounds
— Row for calories
— Sumo dead-lift (50% of dead-lift 1RM; 175#)
— Burpee box jumps (30)
— Burpee wall balls (20)
— DB or KB shoulder to overhead (35)

You may complete in any order, but must complete in same order the second time around.

I completed burpee box jumps, SDL, burpee wall balls, row for calories, and S2O. In retrospect, this was a very good decision.

Burpee box jumps | 20 & 18
SDL | 33 & 30
Burpee wall balls |18 & 17
Row for calories | 32 & 30
S2O | 46 & 46

I completed all burpee box jumps and burpee wall balls unbroken. I slowed down somewhat between rounds. For burpee wall balls, I made sure chest was on wall ball and that I completed a med ball clean before throwing. Talk about exhausting!

I completed first round of SDL in reps of 10 and finished with 3. I completed second round in reps of 5 — yet still managed to complete 30. Hmmmm.

Uhm, I actually stopped during the second round of rowing, as I was beginning to feel nauseated. I did keep strokes per minute at exactly 19 and averaged 7 calories per 8 strokes.

Shoulder to overhead went much, much better than expected, and I should’ve perhaps used 40# dumbbells. I used 35# dumbbells because that’s what Jeff used. I completed both rounds in reps of 10 until the last 6. As an added challenge, I completed push press and not push jerk.

149 & 141 reps for a total of 290.

I had to step outside of the box immediately following the workout — something I haven’t had to do in quite some time. I did not, however, blow my cookies.

I don’t like cheaters.

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