Luke and the gym mat…


SPOILER ALERT: The following workout, modified slightly, will be completed at CFS this Sunday. If you don’t want to know what it is, don’t read any further.

Remember, use “farther” for physical distance and “further” for metaphorical, or figurative, distance.

Good. Going on.

I coached the 6, 8:30, & 11:45 WODs this morning. Sadly, there was no Alexus sighting. She’s my favorite.  I also coached the 5, 5:15, & 6:30 WODs this evening. There were so many athletes at the 6:30 WOD that we almost ran out of plates. Good thing Ashlee, Angie, and Glenda attended the session at 4!

I miss Lauren.

Today was very enjoyable day, as the programming allowed time for skill building as well as a challenging — yet doable — metcon.

I love programming. I truly do.

32-min total; 26 min of work
For each round, complete the following activities:
— Power C&Js (65/75/85#); hands must remain on bar from floor to floor
— Box jumps (30′)
— Forward rolls
— Toes to bar
— Handstand pushups

Min 0-12 complete 9 reps (12 min total)
Min 15-23 complete 6 reps (8 min total)
Min 26-32 complete 3 reps (6 min total)
Rest 3 min between rounds

The weight for power C&Js increases by 10# each round. 

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and if it hadn’t been for a missed (painfully so) box jump during the first round I would’ve done so. Stupid box jumps.

I was thinking, “Thirty inches may be too high to prescribe. I think I’ll change it to 24 inches for Sunday.” It was right then that I missed the box with, as always, my left leg. I knew my leg was going to bleed, and bleed it did, so much so that I had to pause to get an antibacterial wipe so as to not bleed on the gym mat. I used athletic tape to wrap a paper towel around the wound during the rest between rounds, you know, just like Melinda would do.

Luke slept on the gym mat for most of the workout, occasionally barking at someone but nonetheless returning to the mat to sleep. I love that dog, I truly do.

Some observations:

  • C&Js with hands remaining on bar were kinda sorta fun. Given that the weight was light, although the weight did increase each round, it allowed me to focus on explosive movements. Surprisingly, C&Js were the second easiest activity.
  • Damn box jumps.
  • Nine forward rolls are more difficult than 6 forward rolls. Three forward rolls are still difficult. There were quite a few times when I had a difficult time standing up after the last rep.
  • Unbroken rounds of kipping toes to bar presented little challenge. Nonetheless, they were not the easiest activity.
  • You’ve probably figured it out by now: handstand pushups, of all things, presented the least challenge. Huh? I completed all rounds unbroken. During the first rep of the round of 6 reps I thought, “Your goal is to increase speed. Try completing faster even if you can’t complete unbroken.” Completing HSPUs faster was a hell of a lot easier than pausing between each rep. Uhm, maybe it’s that gravity thing.
  • In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t that the HSPUs were easier — it was that HSPUs were so enjoyable.

Round 1 | 3 rounds + 4 box jumps = 148 reps
Round 2 | 3 rounds + 2 box jumps = 98 reps
Round 3 | 4 rounds + 3 box jumps = 66
Total score = 312 reps

57 HSPUs, yo.

Jeff and I joined Coach Chris and Robin for dinner at Daniel’s. ‘Twas delicious and the company was delightful! Thanks, Chris and Robin!

I like beer.

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