Ashlee and Jay Day, yo.


Today is Ashlee’s birthday, so we made sure we sang Happy Birthday while in child’s pose.

BIG groups at both sessions today.

I had the duty honor pleasure of partnering with Jay, although (as Jeff noted) it wasn’t truly a partner WOD if for no other reason than I had to call a time cap of 24 minutes and no partners were able to complete within that timeframe. Jay and I came close.

Partner WOD
7 rounds each of the following:
Workout A:
10 pull-ups
10 slam ball cleans (30)
10 ring dips

Workout B:
10 negative pushups (45 plates)
10 KB swings (52 )
10 wall balls (20)

Every 3 minutes switch until both partners complete both workouts 

Jay begin with A and I began with (duh) B.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. I did.

Not much else to report other than this was challenging.

While I kept track of rounds using poker chips and I did keep track of reps by the end of a round, e.g., “9 KBs”, I didn’t keep track of rounds and reps per 3-minute round.

I completed the 7 rounds of both workouts in 22:46 and worked a total of 21:47.

I rewarded myself with strawberry Progenex. Deliciousness.

Jay completed 10 rounds so our total was 24. Rx, bitches.

Jeff and I both have noticed that many (far too many) folks are choosing the prescribed weight for the wall ball — but not hitting the 9′ or 10′ targets. Don’t do that. Choose a lighter wall ball. Hit the damn target.

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